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"Ploigos" is the official database of learning opportunities in Greece. Created by the National Resource Center for Vocational Guidance (EKEP- GREEK NRCVG), it aims to constitute an important tool for guidance counselors, students and citizens in search of reliable education information. It contains information for all available learning opportunities in Greece starting from pre-primary education to postgraduate programs. Information is presented according to the common protocol of European Internet Portal "Ploteus II" and covers:

  • all types of Study programmes (General Education Programmes, Vocational Education programmes, Special Education Programmes), regarding entry requirements, target groups, duration of study, certification, provider information etc.
  • all educational levels (pre-primary, primary, secondary, post secondary, higher education and post graduate studies)
  • all geographical regions of Greece 

In this context "Ploigos" not only supports European citizens in their effort to take correct and informed educational decisions but it also promotes their mobility within the European space and offers them equal access to educational opportunities.