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  1. Administration of computer networks

    Future computer network administration specialists study a foreign language (English/German), mathematics, physics, information technologies, engineering computer calculations, engineering graphics, computer drawing, fundamentals of electrical engineering, fundamentals of electronics, programming, etc. Practical studies are conducted in three stages: cognition, production and final practice. The duration of practical studies is 20 weeks. During these studies, computer and computer network maintenance, computer network design and installation, computer network system administration skills, etc., are consolidated and improved. The computer network administration study programme is aimed at people who have secondary education and seek to be engineers. ...

    Provider NameKaunas College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  2. Administration of Enterprises and Institutions

    Objective(s) of a study programme: Objectives: 1. Provide general competencies necessary for the successful professional activity for the management specialist, considering to the labor market needs and creating his future personal and professional growth assumptions, ensuring the individual’s smooth integration to the organization and society as well. 2. Provide specific professional competencies, ensuring the acquisition of comprehensive administration and other social science knowledge, its understanding, developed skills in order to organize a high level practical activity requiring professional preparation, demonstrating its ability to act independently, make decisions, plan activity, leadership, take a responsibility for their own and other workers' results. Learning outcomes: The graduate of this program will be able to: - know and understand the theory, revealing a business enterprise or state and public institution as a unique system and social economic construct. - know the actualities of business and public administration sectors in Lithuania and foreign countries. - plan correctly the activity of a business company or state and public institutions and separate functional spheres of the activity. - organize properly the activity of a business company or state and public institutions and separate functional spheres of the activity. - assess complex the activity of the business company or state and public institutions and its subdivision. - assess the environmental factors and their impact on the activ ...

    Provider NamePublic institution Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  3. Administration of Public Governance Institutions

    Objective(s) of a study programme: This programme aims to prepare public policy experts, analytics, developers, evaluators and implementers of public policy programmes. It is for persons seeking to work analytical and managerial work in public service. Learning outcomes: 1) Possess an advanced knowledge of the comparative features of the various central and local public administration systems, methodology of the public policy analysis; 2) Be able to identify means of policy formation and implementation, to use them in practice; 3) Be able to evaluate alternative means of policy implementation, improvement of policy programmes; 4) Be capable to prepare and evaluate public policy programmes, projects, management and operational plans; 5) Be capable to independently plan, organize and perform activities of the public sector organization, introduce organizational or managerial innovations; 6) Be disposed to initiate and implement policy changes, organizational reforms, act as a leader Activities of teaching and learning: Lectures, seminars, presentations, group work, consultations, individual written homework Methods of assessment of learning achievements: Tests, exams, evaluation of individual and group work Framework: Study subjects (modules), practical training: Amount of study programme is 120 ECTS. Obligatory subjects encompass: Public Policy and Public Policy Analysis; European Integration Problems and Lithuania; Social Policy; Public Economics; Non-Governmental Organisations And Public Interest; Theoretical ...

    Provider NameVytautas Magnus University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  4. Administration of Rural Development

    Future bachelors in rural development administration study fundamentals of rural development, rural and regional development policy, rural culture and countryside management, administration of public sector organizations, fundamentals of system theories, management of rural social infrastructure, business organization, rural information systems, fundamentals of consulting management and others. Professional practice is foreseen in the study program. The duration of practice is 440 hours. Professional practice is done in various Lithuanian institutions and organizations related with rural development (municipalities, rural district administrations, non governmental organizations, agricultural companies, farmers' farms, consulting services, Ministry of Agriculture, regional development agencies, etc.). The program of rural development administration is designed for persons with a secondary education and who would like to qualify as a bachelor in public administration. ...

    Provider NameAleksandras Stulginskis University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  5. Administration of Rural Development

    A person who becomes qualified as a master in public administration under the expansive master study program of rural development administration have: - to know possibilities, principles and methods of resources harmonization, improvement of development potential and institutionalization of rural areas when creating strategies of area development and national rural development. - be able to work and to consult the participants or groups of rural development with different education, knowledge, abilities and interests, to apply innovative knowledge and to implement solutions when planning quantitative, qualitative and structural changes of rural areas; - be able to work responsibly, thoroughly and independently, quickly organize work, effectively communicate with colleagues and customers, to respect for human and general human values; conservation of rural-cultural heritage and natural resources. ...

    Provider NameAleksandras Stulginskis University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  6. Administrative law

    1. Išsilavinimo reikalavimas stojantiesiems 1) Priimami asmenys, turintys teisės bakalauro kvalifikacinį laipsnį arba baigę vientisąsias universitetines teisės studijas. 2) Profiliniai dalykai: nėra. 2. Specialieji reikalavimai ir rekomendacijos Nėra 3. (skliausteliuose nurodyta dalyko kurso apimtis kreditais) Administracinės teisės magistarntūros programoje studijuojami tik specialaus lavinimo dalykai: · Mokslinis tiriamasis darbas (12), · Administracinio proceso teorija ir praktika (4), · Administracinės teisės aiškinimo ir taikymo problemos (3), · Lietuvos Respublikos vykdomosios valdžios institucijų sistema: problemos ir sprendimai (3), · Mokesčių administravimo lyginamoji analizė (3), · Socialiniai pokyčiai ir administracinė teisė (3), · Teisės sociologija (3), · Užsienio šalių administracinė teisė (3), · Valstybės tarnybos lyginamoji analizė (3), · Žmogaus teisių filosofija (3), · Europos Sąjunga ir žmogaus teisės (2), · Konfliktų valdymas (2), · Valstybės socialinė politika (2), · Žiniasklaidos teisė (2). 4. Praktika (skliausteliuose - apimtis kreditais) nėra5. Studijų kalba - lietuvių. 6. Studijų pabaiga. Magistro baigiamasis darbas - 14 kreditų. Baigiamajam ir moksliniam tiriamajam darbui per visą studijų laikotarpį skirta 26 kreditai. 2002 - 10 - 30 Edmundas Sakalauskas, Studijų centro direktorius (Užpildymo data ) (Užpildžiusio asmens vardas, pavardė, pareigos) ...

    Provider NameMykolas Romeris University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  7. Advance Nursing Practice

    General Description: The aim of the study program (s)- is to prepare a competent advanced practice nurse with acquired modern knowledge, practical skills and considerable critical thinking who would rely on the system of professional and personal values formed and is able to apply advanced nursing practice solutions based on scientific research, to work independently in various health care institutions and to take leadership in a dynamic multi-professional environment in order to effectively deal with the problems of health care system. Learning outcomes: 1. Knowledge and its application 1.1. Know the national and international health policies; health care legislation; health care administration and the peculiarities of individual health care professionals team work and team building principles. 1.2. Know the most common symptoms of the body's systems, diseases, pathogenesis, diagnosis, complications, treatment basics, the formulation of diagnoses, prescription, differential diagnosis bases; pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic principles in the treatment of acute and chronic life threatening conditions; drug consumption patterns; total body response to violations and pathological processes in the human body. 2. Ability to carry out research 2.1. Be able to critically analyze and proper use of the scientific literature, independently plan and carry out research over the scientifically and practically important health and nursing issues, summarize and evaluate the results of a multidisciplinary approach in the n ...

    Provider NameLithuanian University of Health Sciences

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  8. Advertisement

    Future advertising managers study human resource management, advertising production technologies, brand management and creation, communicational theory, intercultural communication, internet advertising, computer graphics, organisation and management of advertising campaigns, creation of the style of a company, public relations, etc. Practical studies are conducted in two stages: advertising management and final practice. The duration of practical studies is 20 weeks. During studies, the skills required to analyse business correspondence, carry out marketing research, create advertising, use computer design programmes, etc., are consolidated and improved. The marketing management study programme is designed for people who have secondary general education and aspire to be marketing managers. ...

    Provider NameInternational School of Law and Business

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  9. Advertising Creation

    Objective(s) of a study programme: Objective of the Advertising Creation study programme - to prepare professional bachelor specialists of advertising, able to develop a modern advertising corresponding to the characteristics of target segments, to manage the process of advertising design and implement advertising projects corresponding to company needs in national and international markets. Course Units being studied: Introduction to Advertising; Composition, Communication Studies, Business Economics and Management, Creativity Psychology and Methods, Marketing; Advertising Design; Consumer Behaviors; Computer Graphics and Design; Integrated Marketing Communication, Market and Advertising Research; Website Design and Development, Advertisement Production Technologies; Brand Management; Design of a Company Style and Outdoor Advertising; Development and Management of Advertisement Projects, Intellectual Property Law and other. Two professional activity internships are performed (training and final). Students may choose from study field knowledge deepening Course Units and accumulate 15 credits: Information and Communication Technologies in Marketing, Sales Support and Event Marketing, Intercultural Communication, Public Relations; Audiovisual Products Design, Multimedia Technologies. Course Units of General studies and Optional Courses are appointed to interdisciplinary studies or educating general competencies. ...

    Provider NameUniversity of Applied Social Sciences

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  10. Advertising management

    Programos turinį sudaro 28 dalykai: bendrojo lavinimo: užsienio kalba, psichologija/sociologija, dailės istorija; studijų pagrindų dalykai: matematika, praktinė informatika, kalbos kultūra ir dalykinė komunikacija, ekonomikos pagrindai, apskaitos pagrindai, statistika, vadyba, rinkodara, finansų pagrindai, saugus darbas ir civilinė sauga, teisės pagrindai, reklamos teorijos pagrindai, grafinės raiškos priemonės, teisinis reklamos reglamentavimas; specialieji (profesijos) dalykai: verslo ekonomika, rinkos tyrimai, reklamos gamybos technologijos, e-komercija, reklamos pardavimų valdymas, projektų vadyba, klientų valdymas, laisvai pasirenkamieji dalykai. Praktinės studijos: pažintinė, verslo organizavimo, reklamos vadybos praktika įmonėje, rinkos tyrimų mokomoji praktika, reklamos rengimo kompiuterinėmis programomis praktika, baigiamoji praktika. Praktinių studijų trukmė - 23 kreditai. Jų metu įtvirtinami ir tobulinami reklamos vadybos, reklamos rengimo kompiuterinėmis programomis, rinkos tyrimų, komunikavimo, darbo organizavimo ir kt. gebėjimai. ...

    Provider NamePanevezys College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania