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  1. Latvian Qualifications Framework (LQF) level 1

    Knowledge: Able to demonstrate elementary knowledge, which manifests in recognition and recollection. Skills: Able to use elementary practical and cognitive skills, able to execute them under direct supervision using simple tools. Able to perform simple tasks, which are repetitive as to their content and predictable. Competence: Able to perform simple tasks in a structured environment, to function in a limited context. Able to perform elementary tasks following a model, able to master basic self-care skills. This level includes the following qualification: Certificate of general basic education (special education programmes for learners with (severe) mental development disorders or multiple severe developmental disorders). ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Latvia
  2. The Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenence Fund of the Republic of Slovenia

    The Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenence Fund of the Republic of Slovenia is the central national management institution for scholarships and development of human resources and offers scholarships for study and research, increases international mobility of students and researchers, provides financial incentives to employers for development of human resources, awards excellence as well as provides up-to-date information and helps build a network for minimising obstacles to mobility of students, researchers and employees. ...

    Category: Exchange and Grants Location: Slovenia
  3. Doctoral Degree (Doutoramento)

    Knowledge knowledge at the most advanced frontier of a field of work or study and at the interface between fields.SkillsThe most advanced and specialised skills and techniques, including synthesis and evaluation, required to solve critical problems in research and/or innovation and to extend and redefine existing knowledge or professional practice.AttitudesDemonstrate substantial authority, innovation, autonomy, scholarly and professional integrity and sustained commitment to the development of new ideas or processes at the forefront of work or study contexts including research. ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal
  4. Master's degree (Mestrado)

    KnowledgeHighly specialised knowledge, some of which is at the forefront of knowledge in a field of work or study, as the basis for original thinking and/or research. Critical awareness of knowledge issues in a field and at the interface between different fields.Skills Specialised problem-solving skills required in research and/or innovation in order to develop new knowledge and procedures and to integrate knowledge from different fields.AttitudesManage and transform work or study contexts that are complex, unpredictable and require new strategic approaches. Take responsibility for contributing to professional knowledge and practice and/or for reviewing the strategic performance of teams. ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal
  5. Bachelor's degree (Licenciatura)

    Knowledge Advanced knowledge of a field of work or study, involving a critical understanding of theories and principles.SkillsAdvanced skills, demonstrating mastery and innovation, required to solve complex and unpredictable problems in a specialised field of work or study.AttitudesManage complex technical or professional activities or projects, taking responsibility for decision-making in unpredictable work or study contexts. Take responsibility for managing professional development of individuals and groups.   ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal
  6. Diploma in technological specialization (Diploma de especialização tecnológica)

    KnowledgeComprehensive, specialised, factual and theoretical knowledge within a field of  work or study and an awareness of the boundaries of that knowledge.SkillsA comprehensive range of cognitive and practical skills required to develop  creative solutions to abstract problems.AttitudesExercise management and supervision in contexts of work or study activities where there is unpredictable change. Review and develop performance of self and others.   ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal
  7. Secondary Education and Professional Certification (Ensino secundário e certificação profissional)

    KnowledgeFactual and theoretical knowledge in broad contexts within a field of work or study.SkillsA range of cognitive and practical skills required to generate solutions to specific problems in a field of work or study.AttitudesExercise self-management within the guidelines of work or study contexts that are usually predictable, but are subject to change. Supervise the routine work of others, taking some responsibility for the evaluation and improvement of work or study activities. ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal
  8. Secondary Education Certification (Ensino secundário)

    KnowledgeKnowledge of facts, principles, processes and general concepts in a field of work or studySkillsA range of cognitive and practical skills required to accomplish tasks and solve problems by selecting and applying basic methods, tools, materials and informationAttitudesTake responsibility for completion of tasks in work or study. Adapt own behaviour to circumstances in solving problems   ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal
  9. 3rd cycle of basic education/ 3rd cycle of basic education and professional certification (3º Ciclo do ensino básico/ 3º Ciclo do ensino básico e certificação profissional)

    Knowlege: Basic factual knowledge of a field of work or study.Skills:Basic cognitive and practical skills required to use relevant information in order to carry out tasks and to solve routine problems using simple rules and tools.Attitudes:Work or study under supervision, with some autonomy. ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal
  10. 2nd cycle of basic education Certification (2º Ciclo do ensino básico)

    Knowledge:Basic general knowledge.Skills:Basic skills required to carry out simple tasks.Attitudes:Work or study under direct supervision in a structured context.                            ...

    Category: Qualification Frameworks Location: Portugal