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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a translation tool that helps communication and comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. Its eight common European reference levels are described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. This allows any national qualifications systems, national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and qualifications in Europe to relate to the EQF levels. Learners, graduates, providers and employers can use these levels to understand and compare qualifications awarded in different countries and by different education and training systems.

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Qualifications that are part of national qualifications framework are listed on this page. You can scroll down to find all information. Filter by Subject Field, EQF level and Location and you will find more detailed information on qualifications, and a link to the national database. The qualifications are part of national qualifications frameworks that have formally referenced to the EQF

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  1. Academic bachelor's degree in transport engineering (no legal status)

    Students will be able to: (general competences) participate in ensuring the mobility of the population; participate in the planning of transport systems and transport subsystems; participate in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of roads; participate in the management of traffic and traffic flows; participate in the planning and implementation of transport; integrate the principles of sustainable development, the basics of economics, legal regulation, spatial development and settlement issues and environmental protection issues with the issues of ensuring the mobility of the population and the competitiveness of the economy; show creativity and innovation as the result of the broad spectrum of contents covered by the study programme; analyse, synthesise and anticipate solutions and consequences; master the basics of research methods, procedures and processes, develop critical and self-critical assessment; apply knowledge in practice; develop communication skills and abilities, particularly in the international environment; demonstrate a capacity for ethical reflection and a commitment to professional ethics; show cooperativeness and work in a group and in an international environment. (subject-specific competences) demonstrate understanding of the interdependence of the set "space – residential functions – need for mobility"; both in the historical sense ("Introduction to transport engineering") and in the broader developmental sense ("Selected chapters from geography", "Spatial planning"); demo ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  2. Academic bachelor's degree in commercial geoengineering (no legal status)

    Students will be able to: demonstrate mastery of basic technical knowledge in the field of mining and geotechnology, supplemented by selected knowledge from the fields of science, engineering, management and ICT, demonstrate understanding of technical topics, including their theoretical background, and the application of methods (e.g. in mining: the Velenje digging method; in geotechnology: the new Austrian method of building tunnels), integrate scientific knowledge with knowledge from other engineering disciplines, undertake autonomous work in applied projects in mining and geotechnology, apply theoretical knowledge to the addressing and planning of developments while minimising harmful impacts on the environment and people, pursue learning in their own professional field and adapt to related fields, participate in development work and transfer research and development achievements into practice, communicate with co-workers and experts from related disciplines, thus enabling active cooperation on joint work, including in the field of projects based on the integration of technical laws and experience within the field of geotechnology and mining. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  3. Industrial Mechanic (no legal status)

    Certificate holders will be able to: implement control functions on a machine or production line; manage and set process, electrical and mechanical variables and parameters; control more complex parameters of the work process and operate a machine controller with the help of synoptic displays and input/output control elements; ascertain the loads of mechanical elements and their function in the machine; monitor and record complex measuring parameters of the machine or line and identify basic control elements of the machine; prepare a machine for start-up, detect and localise faults in a machine, repair damage to a machine and replace damaged components with original spare parts; monitor the operation of a machine, clamp and feed material into a machine, control the work process, rectify simple stoppages of the work process, carry out basic maintenance; inspect the general state of a machine and power sources and carry out simple maintenance (cleaning, lubricating); use computer applications, evaluate costs and ensure a well-regulated working environment; apply standards, observe rules and regulations on health and safety at work and environmental protection; draw up technical documentation and technical instructions using information and communication technologies; Elective: Assembly and testing of mechatronic systems assembly and disassembly of simple mechatronic systems; Maintenance and repair of mechatronic systems maintain and repair mechatronic systems. Certificate holders build on their key vocational kno ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  4. Doctorate in the field of transport engineering (no legal status)

    Students will be able to: (general competences) demonstrate in-depth understanding of theoretical and methodological concepts; demonstrate mastery of research methods, procedures and processes in transport engineering; autonomously apply acquired theoretical knowledge to solve problems in practice; use judgement to take strategic decisions in the transport engineering field; show autonomy in research work; show cooperativeness, work in a group; work and create in an international environment; develop communication skills and expertise, in particular constant communication in the international environment; show curiosity and an inclination for training for continuous study; manage time, materials and human and financial resources; act as mentor to younger colleagues at the university or in industry; lead large technical groups and research teams; demonstrate a capacity for ethical reflection and a deep commitment to professional ethics; show creativity and innovation as the result of the interdisciplinary nature of the study programme. (subject-specific competences) demonstrate in-depth knowledge of mathematical content and knowledge of multimodal transport systems, the management of an integrated transport system, research into transport provision, modelling and simulation of transport flows, transport in terminals, transport infrastructure management technology, transport infrastructure project management, EU transport policy, the transport policy of mega-transport undertakings, intelligent transport systems, ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  5. Quarry worker (no legal status)

    Candidates will be able to: prepare, carry out and check own work in accordance with the properties of the stone and the methods of extraction, make rational use of energy, material and time, protect health and the environment, cooperate with co-workers, operate machines and tools to cut, drill and transport stone in surface and subsurface extraction of natural stone, load and transport natural stone and machinery in a quarry area. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  6. Assistant glass grinder (no legal status)

    Candidates will be able to: receive and understand daily instructions and plan their work by phases accordingly; cut and saw glass in accordance with instructions in such a way as to achieve the maximum yield of glass pre-products; carry out finishing of glass using various machines and instruments, observing the manufacturer's instructions, and ensure straightness of cut and cleanness of surface; drill holes through glass at indicated places using a glass drilling machine; being careful to ensure as little wastage as possible and adapting the pressure and speed of drilling to the type or thickness of the glass; ensure quality and the achievement of quantitative norms of products produced while observing regulations, the principles of rational use of energy, time and material, and good business practices; work in such a way as not to endanger themselves or other people in their working environment or pollute the environment, and in this regard adapt their own activity to the tasks at hand; in communication with the various stakeholders they encounter in their work, observe business ethics and the values of the enterprise. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  7. Simple ready-to-wear clothesworker (no legal status)

    Candidates will be able to: organise own work; ensure the quality and efficiency of own work in the working environment, make rational use of energy, material and time, protect health and the environment, communicate with superiors, co-workers and customers, use modern information and communications technology, carry out simple cutting and sewing operations, iron less complex products by hand and by machine, dispatch and store products. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  8. Non-metallic minerals processing machinery operator (no legal status)

    Candidates will be able to: plan, prepare, carry and control own work, make rational use of energy, material and time, protect health and the environment, establish a cooperative relationship with superiors and co-workers, prepare various types of compounds, operate machinery for casting, pressing, extruding, carry out mechanical treatment of semi-finished product/products, carry out heat treatment of semi-finished product/products. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  9. Baker (no legal status)

    Certificate-holders will be able to: prepare for work correctly, select and correctly store raw materials, prepare a recipe and recalculate recipes, prepare raw materials and prepare various types of dough, correctly handle machinery and implements used in baking, shape the dough into various shapes of basic, special and complex types of bread and pastries, raise, prepare for baking and bake various types of bakery products, package and store bakery products, successfully offer and sell bakery products, work in a group and communicate with co-workers and customers, use information and communication technologies, protect health and the environment, and rationally use natural energy sources and raw materials, observe hygiene, safety and other foodstuff regulations. Certificate holders build on their key vocational knowledge and abilities with key general knowledge in line with national standards. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia
  10. Pre-Bologna research master's degree in the field of geotechnology and mining (no legal status)

    Graduates will be able to further the scientific development of the field of mining and geoengineering, participate in multidisciplinary groups in order to tackle complex tasks and projects relating to the extraction of mineral raw materials and various interventions in the Earth's crust, including the introduction of environmentally friendly mining technologies, taking into account applicable environmental protection standards, and perform the most demanding tasks in the public administration and public enterprises in the field of mining and geoengineering. ...

    Category: Qualifications Location: Slovenia