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  1. Forest Science, Restoration Ecology and Management Program, B.Sc

    Knowledge, ability and skillsAt the conclusion of the program, the student can demonstrate knowledge, skills and ability as stated below:Knowledge and Understanding: Students possess a general understanding of theories, criteria, concepts and methods within Forest Science and Restoration Ecology and Management. Students can apply their knowledge and understanding to their theoretical practice, or within their profession. On successful completion of the FS-REM Program a graduate from either stream should demonstrate knowledge and skills as follows: A1 General scientific background : Basic relevant scientific background: (bio)physics, chemistry, statistics & mathematics. • These courses are mainly given during the 1st year in both streams; 01.34.02 Mathematics, 01.20.03 Inorganic chemistry, 02.26.02 Organic chemistry, 02.32.02 Biochemistry, 02.32.02 Introduction to statistics, 03.39.04 Experimental design and analysis. A2 Biological system understanding : Biological system understanding: The different levels of organisation and complexity, from molecules, through cells, organs, organisms, populations, communities, ecosystems, to biomes and the global earth-ocean-atmosphere system. • These are the basic geological, biological, physiological and ecological courses mostly offered within both streams, including 01.60.03 Geology of Iceland, 02.02.02 Botany, 02.06.04 Basic Ecology, 02.12.01 Botany field course, 03.03.03 Soil science, 03.26.03 Genetics, 04.33.03 Plant physiology. A3 Ecological process understanding: ...

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    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland