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This page provides you with information and links to opportunities to learn or study in another EU country. You can scroll down to find all information. You can filter the results by using the filters on the left.

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  1. Earth Sciences, MS

    Type of knowledge The student possesses significant understanding of problems and subjects, based on the most recent information and research in the field of Earth Sciences. The student has acquired knowledge by attending courses and carrying out research in a specific area of Earth Sciences. Knowledge, skills and competences On completion of the masters degree the student should have fulfilled the following criteria in addition to those fulfilled at the previous level: 1. Knowledge 1.1. The student has broadened and deepened his/her knowledge of a selected subject area within Earth Sciences and has acquired systematic understanding of the most recent knowledge within that area and the research methods used. 1.2. The student has acquired deeper knowledge of the application of Earth Sciences in his/her area of expertise. 1.3. The student is able to use his/her knowledge and understanding in a professional manner within his/her field of expertise. 1.4. The student has acquired the ability to reason and substantiate his/her opinions about his/her research work and its relevance to basic knowledge in the field of study. 1.5. The student has acquired the ability to provide a written review of research relevant to his/her field of study. 2. Skills 2.1. The student is able to design, organize, develop and execute experiments or projects within his/her field of expertise. 2.2. The student knows of hazards and safety rules within his/her field. 2.3. The student is able to write a research plan. 2.4. The student can as ...

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    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland