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  1. Postgraduate Studies Programme in "Analysis and Quality Control of Food Products. Department of Agricultural Technology. Faculty of Agriculture Technology and Food Technology and Nutrition. Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia

    The post graduate studies programme aims to train graduates of Applied Sciences orientation in Food Analysis and Control, with emphasis in quality control principles and food safety. The objectives of the program are to offer specialized knowledge: on modern developments in the field of safety and quality control of food, On basic principles of food safety and quality management, On the broader philosophy of the modern consumer needs for consumption of certified and safe food, On the principles and rules of implementation of quality control of agricultural and food products, On the safe production methods, processing, maintenance and food standards (from production to consumption), on understanding of management systems and quality assurance of agricultural products and foodstuffs. Modules of the programme are: Analytical Chemistry, Food Chemistry and Biochemistry, Advanced Food Microbiology and Biotechnology, Food Physical Chemistry, Instrumental Chemical Analysis, Food processing and preservation, Molecular-biological Methods in Food Analysis, Food Safety and Quality, Food Analysis, Advanced Food Toxicology, Food Safety and Risk Management, Food Quality Management and Control. ...

    Provider Name Department of Agricultural Technology. Faculty of Agriculture Technology and Food Technology and...

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Greece