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Learning Opportunity: Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tourism

Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tourism

Course Information

The theme of the Bachelor's Degree in Tourism is innovative creativity, responsible and sustainable tourism enterprise development, internationality and personal development. Field trips play an important role in this versatile degree. A number of domestic tourism destinations are explored as part of the studies. In this degree you will spend a lot of time also outside the classroom, outdoors and in natural surroundings.

At the start of the degree the students will focus on gaining basic skills and knowledge after which they will apply their acquired learning. You will study to obtain comprehensive customer-oriented product development and marketing competence as well as becoming familiar with different cultures for the purposes of international tourism. Through the use of various tutorial approaches, sessions are designed to ensure that students can fully exercise their creative potential and that critical learning is facilitated. This is why interactive learning, team-based course work and small group sessions form an important element of the learning process of the degree. To develop a real hands-on approach this programme also allows you to carry out projects in close collaboration with tourism companies and organizations, for example by taking part in event and project management. The final stages of the studies emphasize using the competence gained in practice and in different types of smart solutions.

Studying adventure tourism will enable you to identify the most significant summer and winter activities of nature and exercise tourism in Finland and to understand the main requirements of implementing them. You will master basic skills in different nature sports and  learn to produce unique and genuine experiences for customers.

The central themes of Wellbeing Tourism are nature as a source of wellbeing and smart solutions (e.g. technology, nutrition) in wellbeing tourism. The studies will provide you with the ability to apply various forms of exercise and treatment in the promotion of wellbeing among people from different backgrounds. Food and accommodation also plays a major role in wellbeing tourism products. These studies involve intense cooperation between the tourism and sports degree.

In addition to going for student exchange or completing the practical training abroad, you can choose to take a double degree with our partner universities.


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3,5 vuotta

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210 ECTS credits

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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, KAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Tourism
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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, KAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Tourism
08 6189 9603
044 7101 148
PL 52, 87101, KAJAANI
Ketunpolku 4, 87100, KAJAANI

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Restonomi (AMK)
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Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulussa Matkailun koulutuksen tavoitteena on antaa opiskelijalle valmiudet matkailualan kehittämistehtäviin, alan myynti-, markkinointi- ja tuotantotehtäviin, esimiestehtäviin sekä itsenäiseksi yrittäjäksi. Meillä voit opiskella A K T I V I T E E T T I M A T K A I L U A, joka on ainutlaatuinen koulutusmahdollisuus Suomessa. Aktiviteettimatkailu on liikuntaa luonnossa sekä hyvinvointimatkailua yhdistettynä majoitus- ja ravitsemisliiketoimintaan. Se on uudenlainen, innovoiva ote tarttua matkailun palveluliiketoiminnan ja –johtamisen kehittämiseen ja suunnitteluun sekä alan nopeatahtisen tuotekehityksen haasteisiin. Matkailun koulutuksesta valmistuessasi sinusta on kehittynyt monialaiseen yhteistyöhön kykenevä matkailualan osaaja. Heittäydy mukaan iloiseen joukkoomme!

Course Locations

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Ketunpolku 4, 87100, KAJAANI