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  1. Nursing

    Future specialists in public health study general and bioorganic chemistry, human anatomy and histology, infectious diseases, epidemiology and nursing, international health care and health care systems, obstetrics, gynaecology and nursing, etc. Professional training is organised in six stages: surgical, therapeutic, obstetric, communal, clinical, and psychiatric nursing. The duration of training is 480 hours. During the training, students work together with highly qualified specialists. The planning and provision of nursing, identification and solution of problems, and other skills are consolidated and improved during the training. This nursing programme is intended for individuals who have acquired a secondary education and would like to become specialists in general practice nursing. ...

    Provider NameVilnius University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  2. General practice nursing

    Objective(s) of a study programme: The objective of General practice nursing study programme – to develop a general practice nurse, capable of organizing and provision of general practice nursing services for family and community independently in all levels of health care institutions. Learning outcomes: After graduation of study programme graduates will be able: to identify nursing needs and problems of people of all ages; to develop a customized nursing care plan and adjust it; to perform nursing actions foreseen in medical norm of general practice nurse; to assess nursing outcomes; to work in health care professionals team; to provide the necessary (the first and the emergency) medical care in case of life-threatening situations and injuries; to educate a patient and his relatives; to find, manage, store, organize and communicate information and fill in nursing documents; to conduct applied scientific research in nursing field, carry out the dissemination of nursing science and practice. Activities of teaching and learning: Lectures, discussion, demonstration, observation, workshops, using decoy, medical instruments, equipment, case studies, simulation of real situations, work in pairs, groups and etc. Students develop practical skills during practice in a real environment of various health care institutions and patients' homes. Methods of assessment of learning achievements: Study results are evaluated in ten-point scale system of evaluation. The final assessment of subject study is examination or self ...

    Provider NamePanevezys College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  3. Nursing

    Future general nurses study nursing, nursing management, obstetrical–gynaecological nursing, therapy nursing, surgery nursing, anatomy and physiology, pathology, biochemistry, psychology, microbiology, pharmacology, dietetics, health care structure and management, etc. Practical training is organized in two stages: independent practical work I and independent practical work II. During practical training, students plan and implement the nursing process. During practical studies, students use their special knowledge in nursing patients, practice solving nursing problems, learn to understand the main values of nursing activity, learn to identify and determine nursing needs, and develop critical thinking skills. The duration of practical studies is 560 hours. The study programme for nursing is intended for persons who have obtained secondary education. ...

    Provider NameKlaipeda University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  4. Nursing

    Future general practice nurses study general psychology, social care, nursing management, surgical nursing, the provision of nursing care to mothers and children, adult nursing, geriatric and palliative nursing, intensive therapy nursing, community nursing, nursing techniques, health care and nursing, etc. Students undergo special practical training. The duration of practical training is 550 hours. The training helps build and enhance nursing skills, the skills required to identify the need for nursing, etc. This nursing programme is intended for individuals who have a secondary education and would like to become nursing specialists. ...

    Provider NameLithuanian University of Health Sciences

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  5. General Practice Nursing

    Objective(s) of a study programme: To prepare specialists which are able to work independently or in a team, with acquired practical skills to provide nursing services in different levels of health care institutions fulfilling the healthcare people of various age groups, disabled, families and community. Learning outcomes: Graduates will be able to: 1. In the nursing practice  critically, systematically apply knowledge and analyze nursing theory, process and practice, skills of healthy living, scientifically proved and practice based nursing practice, health care of healthy and ill person, principles of healthy living; principles of nursing administration, principles of professional ethics, philosophy, fundamentals of applied researches methodology, national and international health politics. 2. In the health care and nursing practice apply nature, biomedicine and social sciences knowledge reaching health of persons, families and social groups. 3. In the nursing practice apply special, scientifically proved and practice based knowledge using research data to solve nursing problems. 4. Is able to applied researches, interpret, analyze and summarize research data, prepare and report introducing performed activities.  5. Effectively communicate and cooperate with patients and their families solving person’s health care problems. 6. Work in a team with colleagues or other specialists realizing person oriented nursing.   7. Effectively communicate in the professional environment in Lithuanian and foreign langua ...

    Provider NameUtena College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  6. General practice nursing

    Objective(s) of a study programme: Train a specialist who would be able to work individually and in team; having excellent practical skills for providing nursing service in healthcare institutions of first, second and third levels fulfilling healthcare for people of various age groups, disabled, families and community. Learning results: Graduates will be able to: 1. Demonstrate knowledge in nature, biomedicine, and social sciences by progressive practice based on individual, family, and community nursing. 2. Plan nursing solving effectively problems related to patient‘s health and nursing. 3. Fulfil and evaluate nursing acts and procedures applying nursing and medicine technologies in difficult critical and unpredictable situations in professional activity. 4. Manage to organize and reason argumentatively learning process of an individual. 5. Cooperate with colleagues, other members of healthcare team in order to preserve and improve health and well-being of individuals, family, and community. 6. Communicate effectively with specialists, non-specialists, patients and their relatives solving healthcare problems. 7. Organize activity of individuals and teams in improving and implementing of high-quality nursing oriented to a person. 8. Demonstrate the nursing practice based on scientific and practical evidence by using research results and practical experience for solving of nursing problems. 9. Arrange and submit reports by presenting activity accomplished and results. 10. Apply general and specia ...

    Provider NameKlaipeda State College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  7. General practice nursing

    Future nurses of general practice study such general, compulsory and alternative subjects and subjects for deeper knowledge in this area: psychology, anatomy, physiology, general nursing, family health and obstetric nursing, therapeutic and geriatric nursing, surgical nursing, child healthcare, emergency care and intensive nursing, psychical health nursing and other. Compulsory and alternative professional activity workload includes such areas as therapeutic and geriatric nursing, nursing in gerontology, child and community healthcare, family and obstetric, surgical, child healthcare, psychical health nursing and emergency and intensive care, final workload, community healthcare or psychical health care, pediatric nursing or surgical child nursing, emergency care or anesthesia and intensive nursing, workload of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The study program of General practice nursing is for individuals with secondary education that wish to become nurses of general practice. ...

    Provider NameSiauliai State College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  8. General Care Nursing

    Future general practice nurses are studying Psychology, Philosophy, Professional Ethics, Basics of Law and Management, Anatomy, Physiology, Applied Researches and Basics of Education, Pharmacology, General Pathology, General Nursing, Therapeutic and Geriatric Nursing, Child Nursing, Dietetics, Emergency Care and Intensive Nursing, Surgical Nursing. Gerontology, Community Nursing, Basics of Mental Health Nursing ant ect. Practical studies are arranged in stages way: Elderly People Health Care, Child Health Care, Obstetrical Nursing, Community Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Therapeutic Nursing, Child Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Emergency Care and Intensive Nursing, Mental Health Nursing and Final Practice. Duration of practical training is 59 weeks. During practical studies in the health care and social care institutions nursing skills of patients of different ages are consolidated. Study program is finished by final examination. Upon of the accomplishment of requirements of study program graduates are provided by qualification degree of Professional Bachelor and professional qualification of General Care Nurse. ...

    Provider NameVilnius College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  9. General practice nursing

    Future general practice nurses study microbiology, hygiene, dietetics, professional ethics, a foreign language, fundamentals of psychology, pedagogical researches, researches of applied nursing, information technologies, etc. Practical studies are conducted in four stages: first training, second training, third training, and final practices. The duration of practical studies is 33 weeks. During these studies, the skills required to nurse patients, prepare them for examinations, perform treatment procedures, work in a team, etc., are consolidated and improved. The general practice nursing study programme is designed for people who have secondary general education and aspire to be general practice nurses. ...

    Provider NameKaunas College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania