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  1. Sports Coaching

    Objective(s) of a study programme: On the basis of achievements in international level fundamental and applied interdisciplinary science and technologies, to train a university level Master of Sports possessing all-rounded education, ethically responsible, creative and enterprising personality who is able to carry out research on the efficiency of athlete training models and their interaction with fitness, systemize the latest knowledge of athlete training technologies and convey it to the academic and professional community. Learning outcomes: Programme graduate will be able to: 1. Find and understand of modern scientific ideas stemming from fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research and proven practices. 2. Know the influence of different philosophical tendencies on the formation of science, theoretical concepts of research methods and methodological substantiation of research on athlete training technologies. 3. Organize and critically evaluate research-based information, make conclusions and present them. 4. Apply the principles of communication and cooperation in the academic and social environment. 5. Cooperate and work in a team with specialists in other fields carrying out research, training athletes, transferring knowledge. 6. Organize the latest knowledge on athlete training technologies and convey it to academic and professional audiences in written form or otherwise. 7. Organize and manage projects according to changing circumstances. 8. Manage the activities of a group; make decisions under ...

    Provider NameLithuanian Sports University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  2. Wellness Services Management

    Objective(s) of the study programme: the objective of the study programme of Wellness Services Management is to prepare a qualified, socially and economically responsible wellness services manager oriented to the practical activity, who is able to create and responsibly manage the business of wellness services both individually and in a team in the ever-changing national and international environment. Learning outcomes: 1. Knowledge of the terminology, meaning and activities of wellness; understanding of the importance of requirements and their application in ensuring the provision of safe and quality wellness services. 2. Understanding of the processes of the business of wellness and the ability to organise the provision and sales of wellness services in the national and international market successfully. 3. Ability to create an effective communicative environment in the organisation and beyond its borders and to develop the relations with clients in the wellness services market with due regard to cultural differences. 4. Faculty to manage the business of wellness services in cooperation with the specialists of other spheres by means of electronic information systems in a responsible and effective manner. 5. Ability to form a package of wellness services individually and in a team based on market tendencies and needs and to prepare the marketing strategy for wellness services. 6. Ability to critically evaluate and apply the results of applied market and service quality research in the successful development of ...

    Provider NameKlaipeda State College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  3. Public Catering

    Objective(s) of a study programme: To train a bachelor of professional studies in food and beverage who is enabled to organize production-technological activities of a catering enterprise; to plan and organize the production process at a catering enterprise; to manage the quality of the enterprise performance, technological processes and production resources. Learning outcomes: Having acquired the qualification of professional bachelor the graduates will be able to prepare a plan of production activities; to establish the production base; to organize the supply and storage of raw materials; to plan and organize gastronomy and staff work; to organize the serving of meals; to implement safe production technologies of high quality; to provide self-control system at an enterprise; to manage the enterprise property and control the recording of the industrial activities. Activities of teaching and learning: Focused on the student; based on the problem solution; self-study, group work and research. Teaching and learning in the working place with the application of laboratory practice and under the teacher guidance. Methods of assessment of learning achievements: Exams taken orally and in written; a case analysis; presentations, reports, project work, self-evaluation and evaluating colleagues. Specializations: None. Optional courses: Students can choose optional study subjects from the General List of Optional Study Subjects. 1st choice: Etiquette of Catering Enterprise Staff; Beverage and Culture of Use; Ethics o ...

    Provider NameMarijampole College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  4. Tourism and Leisure Management

    o Būsimieji specialistai studijuoja - Privalomus dalykus: Įvadas į studijas. Bendroji ir socialinė psichologija. Užsienio kalba (anglų, rusų, vokiečių). Kalbos kultūra ir verslo korespondencija. Socialinių tyrimų metodai. Teisės pagrindai. Pasirenkamieji dalykai - Filosofija. Sociologija. - Studijų krypties dalykus: Informacinės technologijos ir tyrimo duomenų apdorojimas. Vadyba. Žmoniškųjų išteklių valdymas. Projektų vadyba. Paslaugų verslo organizavimas. Taikomoji matematika. Ekonomikos pagrindai. Apskaita ir finansai. Turizmo rinkodara ir rinkotyra. Turizmo pagrindai. Turizmo geografija ir ištekliai. Turistinių maršrutų rengimas ir ekskursijų vedimas. Turizmo įmonių valdymas. Laisvalaikio ir rekreacinės veiklos organizavimas. Kultūros ir meno istorija. Tarpkultūrinė komunikacija. Strateginis valdymas. Visuotinė kokybės vadyba. - Specializacijos: Kultūrinis turizmas ( kultūrinio turizmo organizavimas, kultūros paveldas ir ištekliai, sakralinis paveldas, kulinarinis turizmas). Renginių ir pramogų organizavimas (renginių organizavimo metodika, verslo renginių organizavimas, etnokultūrinės veiklos organizavimas, sportinės veiklos organizavimas). Kaimo turizmas ( kaimo turizmo pagrindai, maitinimo ir apgyvendinimo paslaugų organizavimas, kaimo turizmo sodybų įrengimas, ekologija ir aplinkosauga). - Pasirenkamus dalykus: Filosofija. Sociologija. Derybų vedimo pagrindai. Profesinė etika ir etiketas. Vertybių sistema visuomenėje. Reklama. - profesinės veiklos praktikas: pažintinė praktika (6 kreditai); vadybinė pra ...

    Provider NameZemaitija College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  5. Coiffure Design

    Students of Coiffure Design study Foreign Language, Psychology / Social Psychology, Fundamentals of Law, Information Technologies, Work and Civil Safety, Chemistry, Technical Aesthetics, Theory of Economics, Fundamentals of Philosophy / Sociology, Applied Research, Fine Arts, History of Coiffure and Art, Fundamentals of Architectonics, Human Plastic Anatomy, Hairdressing Salon Equipment, Methods of Hair Structure Alteration, Technical Modelling, History and Theory of Materials, Style and Fashion, Fundamentals of Photography and Video, Decorative Cosmetics, Business Economics and Management, specialized professional subjects, etc. Practical studies comprise five stages: hair structure alteration, designs in haircuts, hairstyle modelling, industrial technological and final practice. Duration of practical studies is 22 weeks, during which students consolidate and improve the skills of hair waving and colouring, designs in haircuts, hairstyle modelling, work planning, etc. Coiffure design study programme is intended for individuals who possess secondary school education and seek to create a personal image. ...

    Provider NameVilnius College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  6. Catering

    Future public food service technicians study ethnic culture, organisation of events, mathematics, chemistry, bio-chemistry, information technologies, engineering graphics, human safety, chemical analysis of food, food quality and safety, equipment used in food service companies, etc. Practical studies are conducted in six stages: cognitive, food service organisation, technological, accounting of food service companies, specialisation and final practice. The duration of practical studies is 20 weeks. During these studies, the skills required to prepare and serve dishes, organise production of companies, fill in technological documents, etc., are consolidated and improved. The public food service technology study programme is aimed at people who have secondary education and seek to be technicians. ...

    Provider NameKaunas College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  7. Tourism and leisure management

    Programos turinį sudaro 35 dalykai: Bendrojo lavinimo: filosofijos pagrindai, kultūros istorija, informacinės technologijos; Studijų pagrindų dalykai: ekonomikos pagrindai, bendravimo psichologija, dabartinė užsienio kalba, retorika ir derybų menas, vadybos pagrindai, verslo etika ir etiketas, rinkos tyrimai, teisės pagrindai, komercinė teisė, apskaita ir finansų pagrindai, visuotinė kokybės vadyba; Specialieji (profesijos) dalykai: turizmo pagrindai, lietuvių kalbos kultūra ir verslo korespondencija, Lietuvos geografija ir turizmo ištekliai, krašto tradicijų, papročių pažinimas (užsienio kalba), vertimo teorija ir praktika (užsienio kalba), kursinių darbų rašymo metodika ir kursiniai darbai, ekskursijų rengimo, vedimo metodika ir kelionių organizavimas, turizmo rinkodara ir įvaizdžio formavimas, turizmo įmonių valdymas, projektų vadyba, pasaulio ir Lietuvos istorija, antra užsienio kalba, turizmo rezervacinės ir informacinės sistemos, laisvalaikio organizavimas; Laisvai pasirenkami dalykai: lietuvių tautos papročiai, tradicijos ir apeigos/ šeimos pedagogika, organizacijos elgsena/draudimas, renginių organizavimas/lietuvių tautos menas; Praktinės studijos: Praktinių studijų trukmė - 20 kreditai. Profesinių praktikų metu įtvirtinami teoriniai profesijos pagrindai bei profesinei veiklai reikalingi įgūdžiai, susiję su turizmo ir laisvalaikio įmonių veiklos efektyvumo didinimu, įmonių veiklos strategijos, ūkinės ir finansų politikos įgyvendinimu, rezervų veiklai plėtoti ir jos tęstinumui garantuoti atskleidimu, be ...

    Provider NamePanevezys College

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania