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This page provides you with information and links to opportunities to learn or study in another EU country. You can scroll down to find all information. You can filter the results by using the filters on the left.

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  1. Anvendt matematik

    På uddannelsen lærer du de matematiske grunddiscipliner, og du undervises i matematisk modellering, som bruges ved analyse og beregning på computer. Ved brug af matematik, statistik og numerisk analyse lærer du bl.a. at løse praktiske problemer i erhvervslivet og i den offentlige sektor.Med en bacheloruddannelse i anvendt matematik kan du læse videre på en kandidatuddannelse. Som færdiguddannet vil du kunne finde arbejde i bl.a. finanssektoren, it-sektoren, i medicinalindustrien eller ved forskningsinstitutioner. ...

    Provider NameSyddansk Universitet, Odense (Syddansk/Odense)

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Denmark
  2. Applied mathematics

    Objective(s) of a study programme: The objective of Applied Mathematics bachelor study program is to prepare specialists, who will have: a) relevant knowledge in mathematics and its application, practical sills for mathematical techniques and communication; b) abilities to think logically, to develop software tools for real world objects (events, situations) mathematical model analysis, to analyse and critically evaluate the data and results, to provide information, to work in team, to organize the work, to develop constantly professionalism, and uphold the values of higher education. Learning outcomes: Knowledge and its application: Have knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts, definitions and proofs from major areas of mathematics (algebra, mathematical analysis, geometry, differential equations, probability theory and statistics and ability to apply them to the solution of theoretical and real problems. Have knowledge and understanding of a range of mathematical methods used to develop and analyse mathematical models coming from various interdisciplinary application areas. Have knowledge of the main numerical methods and understanding of some pitfalls of mathematical approximation and mathematical computing. Demonstrate a reasonable understanding of the modelling principles and ability to apply mathematics to real situations, using deterministic or probabilistic models. Have knowledge and understanding of the theory of algorithms and programming, their applicability conditions in developing mathema ...

    Provider NameKaunas University of Technology

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  3. Applied Mathematics, BS

    NDESC ...

    Provider NameHI

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Iceland
  4. Applied Mathematics- Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências

    The study program in Applied Mathematics aims to provide training in the areas of mathematics with greater application and employability in our country, without neglecting the acquisition of solid knowledge in their basic and fundamental aspects. This program also aims to provide a sufficiently broad and deep knowledge that will allow further studies of 2nd Cycle in a vast array of areas of expertise. ...

    Provider NameUniversidade de Lisboa

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Portugal, Lisboa
  5. Applied statistics

    Objective(s) of a study programme: Objective is to develop internationally competitive specialists who are able to find a consistent pattern of large data arrays, and provide practical guidance based fulfillment of tasks. Partial goals and skills: • Ability to plan experiments, statistical data collection and to prepare them for further analysis • Ability to apply statistical models and real data analysis (classical antiquities smells can be replaced - "modern") • Can perform real data statistical analysis software packages help • Critically review and summary of the results is able to properly present the findings and recommendations applicable to the scope of the analysis and understanding of other professionals Learning outcomes: • Has the foundations of mathematics and statistics and is able to put the knowledge into statistical work in practice • Is able to use statistics / mathematics software for statistical work in practice • Has the knowledge of statistical applications in different fields (especially ecology, environment) and is able to adapt statistical work in practice. • Is able to formulate research work aims and objectives, plan of statistical surveys; prepare reports of statistical data analysis, interpret the results of statistical analysis, to formulate conclusions also apply known techniques of statistical information; • Ability to carry out statistical projects while working independently and in a group. • Adequately perceive the role of statistics, communicate constructively with colleagues ...

    Provider NameKlaipeda University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  6. Applied statistics and econometrics

    Taikomosios statistikos ir ekonometrijos studijų programos tikslas - parengti statistikos bakalaurus, turinčius teorinių ir praktinių žinių apie statistinės duomenų analizės metodus bei modelius ir sugebančius šias žinias taikyti realiems ekonomikos, ūkio, draudos, finansų rinkų, biomedicinos, biologijos, sociologijos, technikos uždaviniams spręsti. Būsimieji statistikos bakalaurai studijuoja šiuos kvalifikacijos dalykus: Mikroekonomika, Makroekonomika, Ekonometrija 1, 2, Duomenų analizė, Technometrija, Statistinė kokybės kontrolė, Ūkio statistika, Imčių metodai, Statistinė programinė įranga, Masinio aptarnavimo teorija, Statistinė investicijų analizė, Duomenų bazių valdymas. Visi būsimieji statistikos bakalaurai turi atlikti pažintinę (3 kreditai) ir gamybinę praktiką, kuri yra 12 kreditų apimties. ...

    Provider NameVilnius Gediminas Technical University

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Lithuania
  7. Bac série scientifique (S)

    Le bac S s'adresse à ceux qui sont particulièrement intéressés par les matières scientifiques, des maths à la biologie, en passant par la physique, la chimie et les sciences de la vie et de la Terre, l'écologie et l'agronomie. ...

    Provider NameLycée privé Blomet

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: France, Ile-de-France (Paris)
  8. Bachelor Degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Management

    BBI (Brussels Business Institute) offers 3-year Bachelor programme in a truly international framework. This programme focuses on theoretical subjects (academic disciplines) and comprehension ability (hospitality operations and all related facilities). It provides knowledge of team working and decision-making. The programme offers a combination of operational skills and solid business management knowledge, in order to enhance students’ knowledge of general management and finance, vital for this professional career path.  This Bachelor is described as “Career-oriented programme”, meaning that it directly prepares students for professionals’ activities. Therefore, at the end of this programme, students who graduate can, depending on their personal ambitions, directly enter the world of work or can continue studying for a Masters. ...

    Provider NameBBI School for International Hospitality and Tourism Management

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  9. Bachelor en Ingénierie – Electrotechnique (professionnel)

    The "Engineering Bachelor" is a practical oriented degree which guarantees students a good preparation for entering a career in the engineering field. ...

    Provider NameUniversité du Luxembourg

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg
  10. Bachelor en Ingénierie – Génie Civil: Construction (professionnel)

    Les enseignements dispensés par cette formation sont essentiellement de type pratique. Le métier d’ingénieur en génie civil est d’une grande diversité. Ainsi il est amené à s’occuper de constructions industrielles, tours, routes, autoroutes, chemins de fer, ponts et tunnels, aéroports, stations d’épuration des eaux, canalisations etc. ...

    Provider NameUniversité du Luxembourg

    Category: Learning Opportunities Location: Luxembourg