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Qualification: Year of pre-vocational training

Year of pre-vocational training

Qualification Information

Type of qualification

This qualification is a vocational training preparation scheme which is located in the transitional area between general schooling and vocational education and training. Training provision is aimed at fostering individual improvement in capability for entering training and at aiding career choice decisions on the part of young people. It does not lead to a vocational qualification. It facilitates the acquisition of a school leaving qualification via a second chance route.

The prevocational training year is a training course at vocational schools which is normally offered on a full-time basis and which prepares young people for the requirements of vocational training. When aligned to level 2 of the DQR, the prevocational training year is categorised as general education. It is partially based on the first year of training in a training occupation in terms of theory and practice. It includes parts of basic vocational training within a single occupational field and also facilitates the acquisition of a school leaving qualification via a second chance route. Duration of training: 12 months

Vocational preparation schemes are a training instrument to facilitate access to the training and labour market for young people and young adults. Their purpose is to provide preparation for commencement of vocational education and training or to ease occupational integration. They also facilitate the acquisition of a school leaving qualification via a second chance route.Vocational preparation schemes are funded by the Federal Employment Agency and delivered by regional training providers. Duration of training in the area of “transitional training” (level 2): at least 6 months, usually 6 to 12 months

The purpose of company-based introductory training is to impart and consolidate the foundations for the acquisition of employability skills. In terms of content, introductory training is derived from the first year of training of the relevant occupational group and is at least 70 percent company based. Teaching for young people mandatorily required to attend vocational school takes place in specialist classes for the respective training occupation at the vocational school. Duration of introductory training: 6 to 12 months.

Those completing the qualification acquire basic vocational skills within a field of activity and acquire a lower secondary school leaving certificate via the second chance route within the scope of a prevocational training year or vocational preparation scheme. They are in possession of competences for the professional fulfilment of basic requirements within a clearly and stably structured area of learning or work. Fulfilment of tasks takes place largely under supervision.

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Public or state recognised vocational school

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No formal entry requirements

Introductory training: training applicants who have limited prospects of placement for individual reasons, those seeking to enter training who have not yet acquired the full degree of apprenticeship entry maturity and young people in search of a training place who have learning difficulties or who are socially disadvantaged.

Ways to acquire: 

Prevocational training year: successful completion of the training course at a vocational school. The final certificate includes entitlement to a lower secondary school leaving certificate or comparable school leaving qualification. Completion of the qualification may involve certification of training modules.

Vocational preparation scheme: provider certificate. Completion of the qualification may involve certification of qualification or training modules.

Introductory training: successful completion of company-based introductory training, chamber certificate.