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Qualification: West Nordic Studies, MA

West Nordic Studies, MA

Qualification Information

Upon successful completion of the programme the student shall:

  • Have abilities to understand and meet the complicated challenges of the peripheral regions of the Nordic countries as part of the Circumpolar North complexities.
  • Have abilities to manage and link present day issues and past developments on orientation in the major themes of the present debate on societal challenges.
  • Have a comparative perspective in meeting the urgent challenges the region is facing today, including the cultural, social, legal and political implications of climate change affecting scarce populations and micro-economies; long distances; limited working opportunities; gender issues in society and education; threats to indigenous culture and societal security; contested issues of identity and cultural heritage; the quest for natural resources; good governance and sustainable management.
  • Have hands-on experience of contextual local knowledge in at least two different West Nordic Countries (Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland or Norway).
  • Have general knowledge and understanding of scientific methodology, theories and research traditions in multidisciplinary fields.
  • Have specialized knowledge and understanding of a chosen topic undertaken in the master’s thesis.

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West Nordic Studies

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