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Learning Opportunity: Urban Engineering

Urban Engineering

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
To prepare a Bachelor of Urban Engineering with university education who has theoretical knowledge and practical skills to plan, construct and organize technological processes of urban, architectural and engineering systems, to analyze and valuate planning problems of cities and regions, to prepare documents of territory planning and contextual architectural buildings and urban and landscape projects according to his or her competence, who is able to think creatively, to create originally and to solve problems of spatial urban landscape formation, to work in institutions of territorial planning and planning of engineering systems, to create a business of design by oneself, who is able to adapt in the activities of the professional areas and to co-operate effectively with related specialists.
Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and Understanding:
* knows and understands principles of scientific and fundamental research, that are used in urban planning and activity of development of engineering systems;
* realizes wider multi-disciplinary context of urban engineering trend, which includes the engineering systems, planning of territories, social and environmental protection principles, and principles of sustainable planning;
* understands main principles of development of engineering systems in urban environment, realizes main aspects of environment formation and links of planning and design between them.
Urban Engineering Analysis:
* is able to apply various methods of analysis and calculation in solving problems of urban planning and design of engineering systems in urban territories;
* is able to apply knowledge and understanding in the analysis of urban engineering systems, urban street transport structures, construction technology organization processes, buildings and engineering objects and their structures, management of building engineering systems;
* have the skills to use information technology and basic software, can use computer calculation methods.
Urban Engineering Design:
* understands the principles of sustainable planning and is able to apply them preparing projects for engineering arrangement of urban landscapes;
* knows design methodologies and is able to apply them in the field of construction and urban planning, development of electric grid systems, in building construction, in development of water supply and sewage disposal and transportation systems;
* is able to apply theoretical and practical knowledge in solving engineering problems in urban areas, developing detailed, special, and general plans;
* is able to perform the design and planning tasks corresponding to the requirements presented in legal documents, collaborating with professionals from other areas.
* is able to search, collect and analyze literature and other sources of information of urban planning and engineering systems design;
* is able to plan and carry out historical research of urban systems, to process the data and formulate conclusions;
* is able to use the results of research in professional activities: generating project ideas, formulation of design solutions hypotheses and concepts.
Urban Engineering Practice:
* is able to make rational decisions of development of engineering systems of urban territories, combining theoretical knowledge and practical activities;
* is able to apply diverse computer methods specialized for specific urban problems;
* is able to integrate the innovations of engineering sciences solving the problems related with different technological, organizational, social, cultural issues;
* has a knowledge on the technologies of engineering equipment of territories, is able to supervise the implementation of specific works, to prepare necessary documents, and organize the administrational activities.
Transferable Skills:
* is able to work in interdisciplinary groups and to convey the design solution results, knowledge and understanding to specialist and non-specialist

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Minimum education - Secondary



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Kaunas University of Technology
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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Bachelor of Urban Engineering
Awarding body:

Kaunas University of Technology

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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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K. Donelaičio g. 73, Kaunas