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Qualification: Translation Studies, Postgraduate Diploma

Translation Studies, Postgraduate Diploma

Qualification Information

1.    Knowledge and understanding:
1.1.    The student has received a good foundation in the history of translation in Iceland and beyond, particularly in the West.
1.2.    The student has exact knowledge and a clear understanding of the concepts, methods and tenets of translation theory.
1.3.    The student knows specialised aspects of translation theory and has received training in analysing, evaluating and translating varied texts, academic texts, literary texts and specialised professional texts.

2.    Type of knowledge:
2.1.    The student has gained his knowledge in translation theory both through participation in specialised courses and through his own assignment work.

3.    Practical competence
3.1.    The student has a good command of the use of translation memories, knows many on-line information sources and the essential terminology databases.
3.2.    The student knows the main methods that can be used to take translation decisions and knows how to advise those who use them.
3.3.    The student knows the main software and electronic tools used for translation.

4.    Theoretical skills
4.1.    The student can use the methods and idiomatic analysis to analyse texts and translations.
4.2.    The student can debate controversial translation topics and can evaluate translations in an academic manner.
4.3.    The student has the knowledge to handle translation-related tasks in an academic manner and such that the treatment meets all demands made to scientific methodology.
4.4.    The student can use his knowledge and skills to complete independent translation projects. 

5.    Communication competence
5.1.    The student can work with other translators on translations and can complete projects on schedule.
5.2.    The student can present academic conclusions, equally to an audience of specialists and to the public.
5.3.    The student shows skills in information literacy and can use modern technology and software in processing data, knowledge search and in gathering information. 

6.    General academic competence
6.1.    The student has reached the necessary level of autonomy and discipline in work to be able to study at level 4.

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Translation Studies

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