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Learning Opportunity: Sports psychology

Sports psychology

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:

On the basis of international level fundamental and applied interdisciplinary science and technologies, to train specialists, comprehensively educated, ethically responsible, creative and entrepreneurial personalities, capable of self-study and competent application of sports psychology knowledge in scientific research and practical applied work – planning, organizing and performing research in sports psychology and related fields of social sciences, evaluating psychological-behavioural risk factors, offering psychological counselling, carrying out educational activities in the field of sport psychology.
Learning outcomes:

Programme graduate will be able to:
1. Analyze, critically assess the reality phenomena and facts and make conclusions based on scientific data.
2. Influence the processes problem-solving, taking place in the society, through interdisciplinary scientific approach assessing the risk of unpredictable situations.
3. Describe the specific nature of scientific cognition and historical stages of historical development, as well as the most important problems, ideas and concepts in philosophy of science.
4. Independently make, preserve and develop scientifically and practically productive contacts with colleagues and specialists from other fields and related organizations.
5. Discuss and ground their position on the basis scientific knowledge in the groups possessing various interests.
6. Independently make the most appropriate professional judgment after assessing the requirements of the professional situation, ongoing social and economic developments and innovations in professional and adjacent areas.
7. Plan and ground their preparation for expert-based counselling activities and professional realization of these plans.
8. Learn independently and continuously improve skills and professional competencies relevant to analytical, practical, expert activities.
9. Take care of the improvement of the quality quality of professional activities initiating and implementing new science-based projects.
10. Assess interdisciplinary knowledge of the methodology of sports science and motor control psychophysiology as well as the possibilities of their application in the area of sports psychology on the expert level.
11. Critically evaluate the trends of change in sports science in the context of Lithuanian and European sports science policy.
12. Identify relevant psychological aspects of the problems of applying athlete training technologies at the expert level.
13. Identify emerging problems in psychological preparation of athletes and recommend suitable methods of their psychological training.
14. Comprehensively assess information in the areas of concern of the situation, establish the problem and aims of psychological evaluation, select appropriate methods of psychological assessment.
15. Check the validity and reliability of research methods and collect data using various diagnostic methods and applying standardized procedures.
16. Analyze knowledge of psychology of sports, elite sports and physical education evaluating the possibilities and ways of application of psychological impact measures working with individuals and groups.
17. Apply sports psychology knowledge to people of all ages, sporting excellence and different health condition in the development and selection of programmes for psychological impact.
18. Analyze relevant situations occurring in a new, unfamiliar environment in the psychological point of view, integrating related information of psychological assessment and specialists in related fields as a complex.
19. Provide ways for assistance and preventive measures comprehensively integrating related data of psychological assessment and provided by specialists in the related fields.
20. Evaluate the psychological and behavioural risk factors and professionally apply psychological impact in the practical work to change them.
21. Apply psychological

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Minimum education - Higher education



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Lithuanian Sports University
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Provider phone number: +370-37-302621 Provider email: lsu@lsu.lt Provider URL: http://www.lsu.lt

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Master of Sports Psychology
Awarding body:

Lithuanian Sports University

Awarding body contact info:

Provider phone number: +370-37-302621 Provider email: lsu@lsu.lt Provider URL: http://www.lsu.lt

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Sporto g. 6, Kaunas