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Qualification: Spanish for Practical Purposes, Diploma

Spanish for Practical Purposes, Diploma

Qualification Information

1. Knowledge and understanding

1.1. A substantial knowledge of the Spanish language.
1.2. A good basic knowledge of the histories and cultures of and national life in Spanish-speaking countries.

2. Type of knowledge

2.1. Good command of the Spanish language.
2.2. General knowledge of the cultures, histories, national life, literatures and arts of Spanish-speaking nations.

3. Practical skills

3.1. Students comprehend the main points in discussion in Spanish on a variety of topics relating to everyday life, culture, national life and history.
3.2. Students are able to write text in Spanish on familiar topics or interests.
3.3. Students are able to describe their experiences, views and opinions and are able to support and explain their claims and intentions in Spanish.
3.4. Students are able to resolve variety of situations likely to arise in interaction with people in or from Spanish-speaking areas.

4. Theoretical skills

4.1. Students are able to understand the main issues in texts on objective and abstract subject matter, including technical discussions in their area of expertise.
4.2. Students are able to compose detailed texts on various topics and explain their standpoints on scheduled issues and give an account of advantages and drawbacks of various alternatives.
4.3. Students are able to agilely and fluently interact with individuals from areas where the language is spoken.

5. Communication and technology skills and computer literacy

5.1. Students are able to display initiative and autonomy.
5.2. Students are able to cooperate with others on projects.
5.3. Students are able to use the latest technology (such as the Internet) in procurement and sharing of information.

6. General learning skills
6.1. Students have developed the knowledge and skills to be able to undertake further study.

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Spanish for Practical Purposes

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