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Qualification: Social Work, BA

Social Work, BA

Qualification Information

Knowledge, Ability and Skills
At the conclusion of the course of study, the student can demonstrate the knowledge, ability and skills listed below:

1. Knowledge and Understanding
1.1 The student has adopted a critical perspective and can demonstrate the status and value of social work in modern society.
1.2 The student has acquired basic knowledge and understanding of the ideology, theory, history, and development of social work as a profession and academic discipline. Students also gain knowledge of the various professional roles of the social worker and of the specific subfields of social work in the health and social sectors, the justice and educational system.
1.3 The student has knowledge of the Icelandic welfare state, theories and methodologies of welfare research. The student has knowledge of legislation, policymaking, the public administration and the ordnances of Icelandic society social workers must be aware of in their profession.
1.4 The student has theoretical knowledge of the phenomena of violence and neglect in the family; the main concepts, theories and research emphases of family studies and sociology of the family; in shocks and their impact on societies and individuals.
1.5 The student has knowledge and a critical understanding of the different perspectives and theories which can be used in research within social work and related subjects, such as sociology and political science.
1.6 The student is familiar with diverse research methods, ethical guidelines for social science, and knows the research traditions of social work.

2. Practical Ability
2.1 The student has adopted independent working methods and grasped the elements of academic presentation, in written and verbal form.
2.2 The student works independently and in an organized manner on diverse academic subjects within social work.
2.3 The student can utilize critique of his/her work and provide others with constructive criticism.
2.4 The student can define fairly complex subjects, set objectives, make work and time plans and adhere to them.
2.5 The student has mastered the professional preparation of academic writing.
2.6 The student can utilize the main statistical software for social scientific research.
2.7 The student can provide psychological first aid and has acquired the basic skills in analyzing an individual's rights for benefits or services in the appropriate fields, as well as having been trained in applying a comprehensive overview.
2.8 The student can define projects, make a plan for its implementation and has been informed on the role of a project manager.
2.9 The student is familiar with the main theories of management and has acquired the skills to assess the difference in social work services and the services of other professions within the social and health service systems.

3. Theoretical Ability
3.1 The student can conduct a survey on delimited subjects and utilize the appropriate research methods and academic theories.
3.2 The student knows the basics of elaborate critiquing of sources and can use diverse sources for his/her own surveys.
3.3 The student has a clear understanding of what constitutes for recognized academic work of high quality and can provide reasoning for his/her assessment of it.
3.4 The student can argue for the importance of knowledge, research and development in the field of social work in modern society.
3.5 The student knows the ethical code of conduct for social workers, the ethical code of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the University of Iceland

4. Communication Skills
4.1 The student demonstrates independence and initiative in his/her studies.
4.2 The student can work in a team and direct the work of others.
4.3 The student can express him-/herself clearly and in an organized manner, verbally and in writing.
4.4 The student can explain his/her subject in writing, using visual and numerical explanations when appropriate, and present such material verbally.
4.4 The student can clearly explain his/her subjects in the field of social work in public and provide an argument to support his/her conclusions.

5. General Learning Skills
5.1 The student has acquired the necessary learning skills to pursue further studies.
5.2 The student has adopted independence, broadmindedness, and critical thinking, which will be of use in further studies and employment.

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