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Learning Opportunity: Social work

Social work

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:

The study programme aims at preparing a reflectively and critically contemplating social worker who will demonstrate knowledge and awareness about person and community development; will be able to involve people in implementation of social work policy by professionally offering social work services, applying social work principles, theories, methods and innovations creatively; improving professional competencies through life-long learning.

Learning outcomes:
At the end of the study course the graduate will be able to:
1. Apply new knowledge in social work practice on community development, national policy, social work theories and methods, organization of social work services.
2. Perform empirical research and apply the results in solving social problems, in quality assessment of social services and implementation of innovations.
3. Communicate and cooperate, and work with other professionals in a team making a relationship with a client based on confidence, and represent the client‘s interests using the principles of professional ethics.
4. Apply the principles of social justice and professional ethics for client’s social welfare based on documents related to human rights and social welfare.
5. Assess the client‘s needs, opportunities and strengths in providing ways of problem solving and social work services planning.
6. Organize and offer social work services having in mind the reduction of differences between risk (diverse) groups and discrimination, and ensure possibilities for social justice.
7. Assess the effectiveness of social assistance, client’s and environmental changes, and use the results for the improvement of assistance.
8. Prepare and implement social projects and programmes, develop innovative social work services and cooperate with representatives from various institutions.
9. Organize social workers, helpers, volunteers in making decisions and seeking the acknowledgement of changes and diversity in the application of social work services.
10. Reflect and assess critically the growth of a social worker as a professional, professional activities, the need to improve personal and professional competencies through life-long learning.
11. Discuss on relevant professional questions and generate new ideas in order to strengthen and spread the image of social work profession in community.
Activities of teaching and learning:

Teaching and learning activities are designed to the development of students personal, social, research and special competences through cognitive, knowledge-comprehensive, activity-based, individual studies, research-based and self-control methods: interactive lectures, group practice, seminars, group and individual tasks, creative tasks, project work, problem teaching focused on skills development of practical problems analysis, discussion, case analysis, students self-study tasks, complex reflections based on the development of positive self-help and self-awareness.

Methods of assessment of learning achievements:

The continuous assessment takes place over a period of time including the whole semester as well as exam session. Ten point criteria-based assessment system and summative assessment are applied. Outcomes of the course subject are assessed through current assessment during the semester (tests, essays, control works, creative tasks, projects, structurized reflexions, portfolios etc.). Every course ends in an exam or an assessed self-study task done by a student (project, research work, practical activities). Students knowledge and abilities during the exam session can be assessed only when the student has carried out all the current assessment tasks during the semester. Final assessment (mark) is made up of current assessment and exam marks and the attainment reached by each individual student is calculated on the proportions described in the course subject.


Study subjects (modules), practical training:

The amount of professional mandatory study field subjects in credits is 136.
Students study: Sociology. Psychologies, Fundamentals of Social Work, History of Social Work, Methods of Social Work, Social Policy and Economics, System of Social Assistance, Social Work with Groups of Clients, Social Protection and Labour Law, Personality Development Psychology, Deviant Behaviour Psychology, Social Programmes and Project Management, Management of Volunteer Work etc.
Duration of professional practice activities – 20 weeks: introductory social work practice (4 weeks), practice of social care organization and application (8 weeks) and pre-graduation social care practice (8 weeks).


Optional courses:

Students can choose additional general subjects (6 credits) from the following subject groups: Modern Trends of Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Career Design, Fundamentals of Enterprise.
The following range of electives is designed for broadening students‘ knowledge in the study field (16 credits): Integration of the Disabled and Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Protection of Children Rights and Social Welfare, Protection and Care of the Aged and Elderly, Social Work with Risk (diverse) Groups, Community Social Activities, Occupation and Recreation Management, Fundamentals of Socio-cultural Work, Human Rights and Social Justice, Intercultural Differences and Communication.
There are subjects in the study programme for free choice (9 credits): Organization of Self-help Groups, Non-discrimination and Equal Opportunities, Stress and Basics of Self-regulation etc.

Distinctive features of a study programme:

Students can alternatively choose study field subjects according to the area of interest(s), client group(s) etc.

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Access requirements: 

Minimum education - Secondary



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Siauliai State College
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Provider phone number: +370-41-523768 Provider email: administracija@svako.lt Provider URL: http://www.svako.lt

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Professional Bachelor of Social Work
Other Qualification Awarded Term:

Social worker

Awarding body:

Siauliai State College

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Provider phone number: +370-41-523768 Provider email: administracija@svako.lt Provider URL: http://www.svako.lt

Course Locations

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Aušros al. 40, Šiauliai