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Qualification: Sign Language Studies, BA

Sign Language Studies, BA

Qualification Information

1. Knowledge: On graduating students shall possess knowledge of Icelandic sign language.

This means that students shall:
1.1. possess thorough knowledge of the methods, theories and concepts of sign language linguistics.
1.2. have a good command of Icelandic sign language as a language user, in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
1.3. be able to use and analyse the grammar of Icelandic sign language.
1.4. possess thorough knowledge of the culture and history of deaf people and the cultural gap between deaf and hearing people.

2. Competence: On graduating, students shall be able to apply methods and working procedures within sign language linguistics.

This means that students shall:
2.1. be able to work independently and in groups.
2.2. be able to express themselves well in Icelandic sign language.
2.3. be able to tailor their language to the circumstances and employ different registers as the situation demands.
2.4. have developed a good command of academic style in both written and spoken language.
2.5. be able to work systematically on specific challenges within sign language linguistics.
2.6. be able to set goals, and to devise and follow a work schedule for producing an academic text.

3. Skills: On graduating, students shall be able to apply their knowledge and skills in employment and further studies.

This means that students shall be able to:
3.1. process sources using recognised methods in their own analysis.
3.2. use academic texts in their work.
3.3. employ the basic concepts of sign language linguistics in analysis and essay writing.
3.4. examine a text from the perspective of sign language linguistics.
3.5. pursue further studies in sign language linguistics and related subjects.
3.6. employ the basic aspects of academic analysis.

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Sign Language Studies

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