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Qualification: Russian, Diploma

Russian, Diploma

Qualification Information

The aim with the diploma in Russian is to give students insight into the language, culture and history of Russia to use for work or further studies at the University of Iceland. 

1. Knowledge: at the end of the studies, students: 

  • have basic understanding of Russian grammar,
  • have learnt some basic vocabulary,
  • have an understanding of Russian history.

2. Skills: at the end of the studies, students:

  • can read, understand and translate simple Russian texts,
  • can talk about themselves and their daily activities both in writing and orally,
  • are able to talk about specific issues on Russian history and culture. 

3. Competences: at the end of the studies, students:

  • have the necessary competence to continue their studies,
  • can use the language skills acquired to gain more knowledge and have conversation in Russian,
  • are able to engage in conversation about issues related to Russia.

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