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Learning Opportunity: Road Vehicle Operation

Road Vehicle Operation

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
to train engineers of road vehicle operation capable of:
applying professional knowledge in the technological manufacturing process regarding automobile maintenance and operation: equipment supply, automobile diagnostics, maintenance and repair;
collecting, measuring, analyzing and evaluating technical data and parameters required for automotive diagnostics, maintenance and repair;
analyzing and evaluating business environment, and organizing company’s activity;
applying professional, general engineering and general personal skills and civic values.
Learning outcomes:
Graduates will be able to:
1. Identify non-compliances of technological process and choose the optimal solution to perform the technological manufacturing process.
2. Independently analyze and evaluate automotive diagnostics parameters and measurement results.
3. Independently apply knowledge in the organizing of equipment supply, vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and repair.
4. Apply integrated professional knowledge in the organizing of road vehicle operation manufacturing process.
5. Formulate and substantiate rational decisions on the performance of technological process.
6. Select and apply complex technological, organizational and methodological means in dealing with automobile maintenance manufacturing process and automobile repair technological process.
7. Adjust and coordinate the performance of intensively changing technological process.
8. Select and apply the latest technological equipment, instruments and materials in the vehicle maintenance and repair.
Teaching and learning activities:
Innovative methods of teaching and learning, virtualization of study process are applied. Lectures, seminars, discussions, work in groups, practical tasks, analysis of literature, development of projects, etc.
Student-centered self-study work is based on tasks, work in groups where the problem - solving, critical thinking, project work are of a great importance.
Methods of student achievement assessment:
Accumulative grading strategy is applied in the student achievement assessment. Course learning outcomes are estimated during the semester through the passed tests, practical, laboratory, self-study work, etc. The final assessment for the course consists of the weighted average mark (WAM) obtained during the mid-assessments and the examination/student independent work (project).
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
Scope of general education consists of 26 credits; scope of special education consists of 145 credits including 102 credits for study field - related subjects, 11 credits for optional (alternative) subjects, 30 credits for professional practical training, 9 credits for thesis preparation and assessment, 9 credits for optional subjects.
The main subjects related to the study field are as follows: Internal Combustion Engines, Chassis and Car Body, Vehicle Control Systems, Automobile Theory, Technological Equipment, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems, Organization of Car Maintenance and Current Repairs, Organization of a Car Service Company.
Optional courses:
It is possible:
• to deepen the study field knowledge (scope - 11 credits) by selecting the specialized subjects related to the study field;
• to select optional subjects (scope - 9 credits) from the list advertised on the website of Klaipeda State College.
Distinctive features of a study programme:
Students may choose contiguous studies related to the field of management for obtaining a double Bachelor's degree.

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Access requirements: 

Minimum education - Secondary



Provider Information

Provider Name: 
Klaipeda State College
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Provider phone number: +370-46-489132 Provider email: office@kvk.lt Provider URL: http://www.kvk.lt/

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Professional Bachelor in Automobile Transport Engineering
Awarding body:

Klaipeda State College

Awarding body contact info:

Provider phone number: +370-46-489132 Provider email: office@kvk.lt Provider URL: http://www.kvk.lt/

Course Locations

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Jaunystės g. 1, Klaipėda