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Learning Opportunity: Religion pedagogy and psychology

Religion pedagogy and psychology

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Future bachelors of religion sciences, teachers of Catholic religion study dogmatic theology, moral theology, introduction to the Holy Scripture, new religiousness, history of religions, etc.
Practical studies are divided into two phases: cognitive practice of catechetics and practice of catechetics at school. Duration of the practical studies is 400 h. During these studies students acquire skills of teaching religion classes and organizing extracurricular activities as well as abilities to creatively solve educational tasks. They learn to teach different types of classes of the subject of religion while applying advanced methods of education, to plan and organize educational work and to conduct after-school events.
Future bachelors of pedagogy study: introduction to psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, pedagogical psychology, personality psychology, psychological consultation and other subjects.
Observation of schoolchildren and educational process, development of psychology teaching skills, cooperation with specialists of other spheres and other abilities are strengthened during practice.
The program of studies of religious pedagogy and psychology is applicable to those who have a secondary education and seek to become teachers of Catholic religion and psychology teachers.

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Minimum education - Secondary



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Klaipeda University
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Provider phone number: +370-46-398900 Provider email: klaipedos.universitetas@ku.lt Provider URL: http://www.ku.lt

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Not awailable
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Klaipeda University

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Provider phone number: +370-46-398900 Provider email: klaipedos.universitetas@ku.lt Provider URL: http://www.ku.lt

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Klaipėdos m. sav. Klaipėdos m. H. Manto g. 84