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Learning Opportunity: Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study programme:
The programme is aimed at training a real estate management specialist – Master in Building Technology – with special theoretical and methodological knowledge who is familiar with modern technological, economic and legal principles of real estate management, understands the interdisciplinary context of real estate management, is able to carry out research in the field of real estate management, plan in a strategically and scientifically sound manner and efficiently implement competitive real estate management solutions/projects from the primary idea to their full implementation, efficiently communicate in a native and foreign languages, cooperate with colleagues and specialists from other domains; has skills of lifelong learning and is able to readjust himself to the ever changing conditions of his environment.
Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and Its Application:
Acquire theoretical and methodological knowledge of real estate (RE) economics, law, real estate appraisal and investment project management; understand optimisation principles of construction technologies solutions and facilities management, real estate information data bases, reliability and technical evaluation of buildings; realize interdisciplinary context of real estate management.
Know how to recognize and formulate new tasks of RE management; understand how to prepare and justify alternative solutions, by applying latest theoretical knowledge of construction technologies, economics, management and other related areas of science, technical regulations and legislation for construction and RE; know and are able to select appropriate mathematical and economical problem solving techniques, safe and effective work organisation methods, special software for effective RE management.
Understand real estate market trends, acquire knowledge about the use of land and structures as an investment objects as well as strategic planning of real estate object development according to the general and special territory planning documents, coordination of private and public interests, principles of sustainable development.
Research Skills:
Acquire the abilities to use legal, cadastre and registry, geographic information and real estate market databases; to analyze, summarize and evaluate the latest research results, to select appropriate research methodology, to model complex real estate management situations, develop alternative solutions and evaluate options from technological, economic and environmental point of view.
Acquire the abilities to carry out real estate market research, technical state and reliability studies of buildings and their engineering systems; are able to interpret research data, analyze and critically evaluate the obtained results, and formulate recommendations for further rational real estate management decisions with a limited amount of data and information.
Subject–Specific Skills:
Acquire the abilities to formulate, evaluate and solve complex real estate management tasks: to carry out technical and economic assessment of different purpose building structures and their engineering systems; to develop optimal project solutions for facility maintenance, modernization and new construction in various real estate objects life cycle stages and implement them in constantly changing and uncertain environment.
Acquire the abilities to plan independently field investigations and design works of land and buildings, their parts as well as engineering systems; manage real estate investment projects from concept formulation to evaluation of results.
Acquire the abilities to prepare scientifically based, rational and competitive real estate management and development design solutions by combining public and private sectors participants' interests, taking into account the limits of legal regulation (territory planning and building operation conditions, safety, quality, reliability and environmental effects), economic and real estate ma

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Minimum education - Higher education, Minimum qualification - Bachelor of Civil Engineering



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Kaunas University of Technology
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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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Qualification Awarded:
Master of Building Technology
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Kaunas University of Technology

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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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K. Donelaičio g. 73, Kaunas