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Qualification: Radiography, Postgraduate Diploma

Radiography, Postgraduate Diploma

Qualification Information

Knowledge ability and skills
On completion of his studies the student should be able to demonstrate knowledge, ability and skills in addition to requirements of the BS level as follows:

1. Knowledge and understanding
1.1. The student has increased the depth of his knowledge and understanding of certain aspects of radiographic science or disciplines that can be useful for employment.

2. Practical skills and competence
2.1. The student is able to undertake a reasonably extensive research project under supervision and make use of appropriate research methods.
2.2. The student is able to describe and explain the basis and limitations of the research equipment he has used for his project and is well versed in its use.
2.3. The student is able to document research data and results efficiently and communicate them in the form of a research report.

3. Cognitive skills
3.1. The student has acquired knowledge of the main theories, concepts and methods as may be relevant to his research project/advanced analyses.
3.2. The student is able to use appropriate data-processing software and safety procedures.

4. Skills in communication and information management
4.1. The student is able to plan his work and organize her/his time, meet deadlines, write a CV, and identifies the options related to work and research.
4.2. The student is able to use information technology, including the use of databases, word processing, spreadsheets, statistical software, web page writing and can make use of web-based and other sources of information.
4.3. The student is able to collaborate professionally way with superiors, peers and assistants.

5. Learning skills
5.1. The student has acquired learning skills and independence required to be able to undertake further studies, maintain her/his knowledge and increase.

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