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Qualification: Public Administration, Postgraduate Diploma

Public Administration, Postgraduate Diploma

Qualification Information

Knowledge, Ability, and Skills
At the conclusion of the program, the student shall be able to demonstrate knowledge, ability and skills beyond that achieved at the previous level, as listed below:

1. Knowledge and Understanding
1.1 The student has acquired a general understanding of the most recent knowledge in the field of public administration.
1.2 The student has acquired knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory environment of public administration and its interaction with government.
1.3 The student has adopted knowledge in selected fields of public administration or its related fields.

2. Practical Ability and Skills
2.1 The student can understand and tackle complex problems in public administration and put them in professional context.
2.2 The student can make independent decisions and provide professional arguments to support them.
2.3 The student can take the initiative in developing new projects within selected fields in public administration.

3. Theoretical Ability
3.1 The student can apply his/her knowledge and ability to tackle new and unknown subjects at work and the academic field of public administration.
3.2 The student can demonstrate a more extensive and deeper understanding and overview than that entailed at the previous level.

4. Communication Skills and Information Literacy
4.1 The student can work professionally with superiors, peers and assistants.
4.2 The student can write scientific abstracts, articles and reports.

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Public Administration

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