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Learning Opportunity: Psychology (E)

Psychology (E)

Course Information

The bachelor's programme in Psychology deals with the explanation of experience and behaviour of a person, his/her development in the course of his/her life and all internal and external causes and conditions that are relevant for this.
The bachelor's programme in Psychology consists of seven modules and covers the following areas: “Introduction to psychology”, “Introduction to statistics”, “Introduction to research methods”, “History, philosophy and systems of psychology”, senior seminar. Students also have to study the areas of biological and evolutionary perspectives (health, sexuality, drug addiction, physiology), clinical and counselling perspectives (abnormal psychology, personality theories, etc.), development of life expectancy (development psychology), learning and cognitive perspectives (behavioural psychology), social and intercultural perspectives (industrial, organisational, social and international psychology) and advanced research methods.

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Psychology (E)
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8 Semester / 128 Credits

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EUR 10.300,-- /Semester


8 Semester / 128 Credits

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Webster Vienna Private University

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Bachelor of Arts, BA)