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Learning Opportunity: Psychology


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Psychology as a science is characterised by a pluralism of methods and an interdisciplinary nature. It examines the experiencing and behaviour of individuals and collectives, their development and all causes of and conditions for this.
The compulsory subjects include the following modules: diagnostics / counselling / mentoring, application subject Health / Psychotherapy, research methods and evaluation and practice (includes 200 practice hours and an accompanying supervision seminar). In the electives to be chosen from a list eight specialisation areas are offered, from which the students have to choose a first and a second specialisation. These specialisations are: clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis; intercultural psychology and psychotraumatology; applied cognition psychology; lifelong development and lifelong learning; applied psychology, methodology research and evaluation; group dynamics and organisational development; sports psychology as well as feminist studies / gender studies. It is recommended that students study abroad for a semester. Moreover, students have to write a master’s thesis.

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4 Semester / 120 ECTS*


4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

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Universität Klagenfurt

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Master of Science, MSc bzw. Master of Arts, MA