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Qualification: Professional Master Degree in Social Entrepreneurship Management (LKrA)

Professional Master Degree in Social Entrepreneurship Management (LKrA)

Qualification Information

- to obtain general knowledge how to organize social enterprise on the united EU platform according to the innovative technologies of social/ creative social work and commerce;
- competence applying an adequate anthropological, theological and social theories and concepts for the assessment of modern social problems for starting of social entrepreneurship;
- to develop professional understanding about the influence of external (socio-economical) environment on delivering social services through sustainable organizational forms of social entrepreneurship;
- to acquire competence for establishment and strengthening the effective organizational mechanisms in social enterprises, cooperatives, mutual societies, entrepreneurial funds and in other enterprises oriented towards social goals.

Reference Data

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Awarding body: 

- Latvian Christian Academy

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67753360
E-pasts: akademija@kra.lv

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Access requirements: 

Higher education qualification of LQF level 6 (bachelor, professional bachelor or professional higher education qualification) in the same or compatible branch of science or professional field of higher education, as well as a certain professional experience laid down by higher education institution

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)