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Qualification: Professional Master Degree in Computer Systems, Systems Analyst (ISMA)

Professional Master Degree in Computer Systems, Systems Analyst (ISMA)

Qualification Information

Aims: The study program is designed to prepare systemically minded and engineering-scientifically educated professionals who are able to appreciate fundamental, socially significant;
- cutting-edge technologies and the trends of the development of computer technology, who integrate the ability to analyse major flows of information practically and technologically;
- to develop, implement and maintain information technology products related to the optimization of the decision-making and forecasting in industry, business, economics, and the social sphere;
- to develop internal and external computer system architecture for efficient information flow processing;
- to carry out independent research work in the field of computer and information technologies, and to participate in relevant multidisciplinary and international projects.

Planned student outcomes - graduates:
- an ability to systemically analyse and  practically and technologically integrate major flows of information in industry, business, economics, and the social sphere;
- an ability to systemically evaluate and creatively develop industrial, business, economic and social projects in the field of information flow processing;
- an ability to model industrial, business, economic and social processes using appropriate mathematical methods, programming skills and computer tools;
- to carry out simulation testing and practically important researches, to make research reports and work out conclusions and recommendations;
- an ability to design and create the necessary competitive software and computer information systems, consistent with the decisions of the Latvian Republic and international standards and regulations, providing them with the necessary documentation and operational support;
- to evaluate new computer product life cycle and cost-effectiveness;
- an aptitude to manage computer and information technology creative design groups, scientific research groups, work in teams;
- an aptitude to develop performance improvement strategy of the organization / company using appropriate computer technology tools and information technologies;
- to plan and manage the analysis and change management projects as well as to define the requirements for new products and services;
- to work out recommendations for optimization;
- an aptitude to participate in international research projects related to computer and information technologies;
- to develop and manage international and local research projects;
- an aptitude to provide the development of ethical standards of computer and information technology systems within their responsibility.

Reference Data

EQF Level:
Thematic area:
Information Language:
NQF Level: 
Awarding body: 

- ISMA University

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67100607, 67100549
Fakss: 67241591
E-pasts: isma@isma.lv

Source of information: 
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Relationship type: 

System analyst (2511 02)

Access requirements: 

Higher education qualification of LQF level 6 (bachelor, professional bachelor or professional higher education qualification) in the same or compatible branch of science or professional field of higher education, as well as a certain professional experience laid down by higher education institution

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)