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Qualification: Professional Bachelor degree in Tourism Management, Manager of Tourism and Leisure Organization (LiepU)

Professional Bachelor degree in Tourism Management, Manager of Tourism and Leisure Organization (LiepU)

Qualification Information

Aim of the study programme:
- to prepare highly qualified experts in the field of tourism, by paying special attention to the needs of Kurzeme region and further development thereof.
To give students an opportunity to acquire a set of general knowledge, skills and attitudes that provide acquisition of professional qualification and further creative development as well as to improve competitiveness in changing social and economic circumstances and in the international labour market.

Study results:
- obtained theoretical knowledge necessary for the branch of Tourism and understanding of the most important rules and laws in Philosophy, History, Geography, Sociology, History of Culture, Inter-cultural Communication and Politics;
- understanding of laws and ability to use knowledge in Economics, Business, Management Sciences and Market Sciences;
- understanding of Business processes and factors influencing thereof;
- ability to analyse and estimate financial activities of the enterprise;
- ability to make decisions, strategically and analytically formulate and creatively solve problems arising in enterprises as well as to take responsibility for the results;
- understanding of various tourism planning processes, ability to elaborate development plans for the tourism branch and enterprises;
- understanding of tourism information centre, agency and operator working functions and principles as well as ability to conduct excursions according to methodological standards and to inform about the necessary security measures;
- ability to use the necessary information systems and technologies for management;
- developed communication skills, ability to communicate with foreign clients and partners in English and German;
- understanding of hotel system management and working principles, understanding of booking system principles;
- ability to use market research methods, to analyse the obtained results and to elaborate the promotion strategies for tourism products and services at the market;
- ability to apply research work methods and to perform scientific and research work by implementing projects;
- to acquire basic theoretical knowledge related to the tourism branch of the Arts, Social and

Natural Sciences, Information Technology, Management and Tourism branch that provides students' professional competence;
- to develop students' ability to strategically and analytically formulate problems in the tourism branch and to solve them creatively;
- to develop cooperation with tourism enterprises, state and municipal institutions as well as with non-governmental organizations.

Reference Data

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Thematic area:
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Awarding body: 

- Liepaja University

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 63423568, 63424011
Fakss: 63424223
E-pasts: liepu@liepu.lv

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Relationship type: 

Manager of Tourism and Leisure Organization (1431 08)

Access requirements: 

Certificate of general secondary education or Diploma of vocational secondary education

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)