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Qualification: Professional Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Caritative Social Worker (LKrA)

Professional Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Caritative Social Worker (LKrA)

Qualification Information

The planned learning results on the level of knowledge, skills and competence include the ability to provide an interdisciplinary approach to professional activities, and the acquisition of the performance of the tasks defined in the social worker and the Profession classifier of the profession;
- as well as to develop the competences, skills and expertise to work multidisciplinary team to implement a social worker and a caritative social worker professional duties and tasks.
Specific knowledge and ability is given not only to the use of resources, but also about the social and spiritual resources of anthropological practices in social inclusion.
Basic skills, ability to work and critical thinking, for in-depth scientific research and modern foreign languages,
- manage the modern information acquisition and processing technologies.

Reference Data

EQF Level:
Thematic area:
Information Language:
NQF Level: 
Awarding body: 

- Latvian Christian Academy

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67753360
E-pasts: akademija@kra.lv

Source of information: 
National occupation classification: 


Relationship type: 

Charity social worker (2635 02)

Access requirements: 

Certificate of general secondary education or Diploma of vocational secondary education

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)