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Learning Opportunity: Postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance

Postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance

Course Information

The programme Postgraduate Diploma (PDM) in Music Performance is designed for students who has reached a high level in their music performance and want a year for further in-depth studies in their instrument/project. The programme encompasses extensive study in instrumental or vocal performance.

The year is meant for students wanting to dedicate a year to concentrate on a limited portion of the repertoire (e.g. Norwegian music), technical studies, auditioning practice and repertoire, competition preparations or simply to study with a particular teacher after graduating from a university or academy in Norway or abroad.

A high level of performance is required for admittance. Normally, PDM will form a year of specialization and in-depth study with your main instrument after completion of a master.

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2 semester(s)

Access requirements: 

A completed Master Degree in Music Performance (120 ECTS) is required.

All applicants to music performance studies need to make an audition programme for 45 minutes repertoire. The demands of repertory volume and versatility on the PDM-programme are comprehensive. The 45 minute program must contain samples from styles and genres relevant to the instrument. It should be representative of and relevant to your field of specialization/in-depth study/PDM-project.
The entrance auditions will be arranged in week 10 each year. Applicants from outside of the Nordic countries may submit a video.



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Universitetet i Stavanger
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| | 51 83 10 00

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Postgraduate Diploma in Music Performance

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Kjell Arholms gate 41, 4021 Stavanger

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Norway - Agder og Rogaland