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Qualification: Plumber


Qualification Information

A person who acquires the qualification of plumber must: - be able to work safely, produce pipe parts according to drawings and on site measurements, and install water supply systems, water meters, plumbing fixtures, waste water collection systems, and ventilation for such systems; install water supply systems for fire fighting purposes, etc. - know the rules for the use of specialised tools and equipment, the requirements for the installation of plumbing systems, and the ways to install such systems - be able to work diligently and responsibly and organise one’s work.

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- Kaunas Technical Vocational Education Centre - Siauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre - Vilnius Jeruzale Labour Market Training Centre, Public Institution - Public Institution Vilnius Center of Builders Vocational Training - Public Institution Klaipeda Ship Building and Repairing School - Kaunas Construction and Services Training Centre - Vilnius Public Utilities School

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