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Learning Opportunity: Packaging Technology and Sustainability (E)

Packaging Technology and Sustainability (E)

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Packaging Technology and Sustainability is the first extra-occupational master's programme in the DACH region that deals with the cross-sectional subject of packaging technology. The students will deepen their knowledge in the fields of Packaging Technology, Sustainability, Management as well as Science and Research. They will acquire enhanced skills in communication, research and project management and thus prepare for a leadership position in the packaging industry.
Students have to take exams in the following courses: Advanced Packaging Technology, Life Cylce Assessment, Methods in Resource Management, Presentation Techniques, Research and Project Management, Conflict and Moderation Techniques, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Leadership, Legal Aspects in Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Packaging Testing Systems and Technology, Scientific English in Packaging Technology, Sustainability and Resource Management, Elective, Financial Management, Managerial Economics, Regulatory Affairs, Toxicology, Trends and Future Markets in Packaging, Master Seminar, Master Thesis, Packaging Development and Design, Scientific English in Packaging Technology, Scientific Working, Statistics in Scientific Working

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Packaging Technology and Sustainability (E)
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4 Semester / 120 ECTS*


4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

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Fachhochschule Campus Wien

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Master of Science, MSc