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Learning Opportunity: Nursing studies, BS

Nursing studies, BS

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After completing the program, student will:

  • have extensive knowledge and understanding of the human being, in health and sickness and recognise the importance of the comprehensive nursing of individuals, families and society.
  • have knowledge of the structure and management hierarchy of the health services, operation, relevance and assess achievements.
  • have the ability to develop oneself as an individual and a nurse.
  • have knowledge that covers the most recent developments in the academic field and recognise the importance of researches.
  • apply the basic elements of information technology.


After completing the program, student will:

  • have ability to work in disciplined and thorough way
  • have the ability to independently assess a patient’s condition, needs and responses and take rationalised clinical decisions based on theoretical knowledge.
  • have the ability to set objectives, assess educational needs, educate individuals and groups and assess educational achievements.
  • recognise when further data is needed and have the ability to retrieve it, assess its reliability and apply it in an appropriate manner.
  • be able to use relevant equipment, technology and software both in their further studies and work.
  • be able to use reliable data- and information resources in the field of health sciences.
  • have the ability to log nursing systematically following a predetermined categorisation and implement a nursing care plan.
  • have to ability to appraise and criticise own work and actions.


  • After completing the program, student will:
  • have the ability to support and act as spokesperson for patients and their families
  • have developed self confidence, independence, insight, judgment, logic, open-minded, awareness of own opinion, strengths and weakness.
  • be able to base work on evidence based practice.
  • have developed the competence and autonomy needed for further studies within nursing.
  • have the ability to take part in interdisciplinary teamwork, share experience, ideas and knowledge and have the capacity to lead, organize and manage workgroups within nursing.
  • be able to interpret and present theoretical and research findings in nursing and related professions.
  • be able to take ethical responsibility and empowering communication

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