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Learning Opportunity: NURSE - TECHNICIAN


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NURSE - TECHNICIAN (STRUKOVNA MEDICINSKA SESTRA-TEHNIČAR) is a three-year Bachelor programme (180ECTS) of applied studies offered by the Milutin Milankovic Medical College of Applied Studies in Belgrade.

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The programme is aimed at providing nurses with the maximum theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to successful functioning in the system of medical health care. The studies last for 3 years (six semesters) with all the subjects lasting for 1 semester. The total number of subjects within three years is 43 with two to four optional ones. The title acquired upon graduating is Vocational Nurse Technician.
These studies for nurses emphasise the importance of education for nurses and this programme comprises both theoretical and practical syllabus. The syllabus is accustomed to the standards accepted by the adjacent countries, Europe and the USA. The aim of this programme is to enable nurses to apply their theoretical and practical knowledge to the health care, intensive and semi-intensive, and to the procedures of monitoring, diagnostics, and therapy, as well as to use medical equipment appropriately. The syllabus covers both theoretical lectures and practical classes organised in the most eminent Serbian hospitals including Military Medical Academy, Clinical Hospital Zvezdara, Dr Jovan Batut Public Health Institute, Rehabilitation Clinic Dr M. Zotovic, 'Rudo' the Special Hospital for Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Protetics, Dr Ristic Health Insitution and Geronthology Centre in Belgrade.

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As a general requirement, to enter a Bachelor study programme one has to have completed four-year secondary education, and to pass the entrance exam.
Specific admission prerequisites usually entail specific knowledge in certain disciplines and should be checked at the institution’s website for each individual programme a student is interested in.



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Milutin Milankovic Medical College of Applied Studies
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