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Qualification: Nurse assistant

Nurse assistant

Qualification Information

A person who has acquired this qualification: ensures the patient's personal hygiene and helps the nurse to provide the assistance under extreme conditions, assists with feeding the patient, cares for patient's entire body cleanliness, familiarizes the patient with a temporary living environment of health care institution, takes care of dying patients and their families, assists the nurse to prepare and carry out patient’s rehabilitation (physiotherapy, balneology, hydrotherapy) procedures, provides assistance in carrying out procedures and patient’s care under the guidance of nurse as well as independently, collects simple samples (blood, urine, feces, saliva, phlegm and vomit) for testing, packs and delivers them to the laboratory under supervision of nurse, takes care of vomiting, probed and drained patient, to maintain catheter and monitor urine output as well as patient’s defecation and urination processes under the supervision of nurse, prepares and uses disinfectants, monitors the infusion under the supervision of nurse, prepares and maintains the care measures, manages dead bodies under the supervision of nurse, assists the nurse with strengthening patient’s health during long-term care period, takes care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal periods.

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- Zarasai Agricultural School - Alytus Vocational Education Centre - Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Education and Training Centre - Ukmerge Advanced VET School of Business - Kaunas Construction and Services Training Centre - Ernestas Galvanauskas Training Centre in Klaipeda city, Public Institution - Siauliai Labour Market Training Centre, Public Institution

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