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Qualification: Midwifery, Doctorate

Midwifery, Doctorate

Qualification Information

On completing the doctorate, a student shall have met the following criteria, in addition to those already met at the Master’s level:

Knowledge: On graduating, students shall possess specialist knowledge within the field of midwifery.

This means that students shall:

  1. have attained an extensive and detailed understanding of the primary theories, basic principles, terminology and most recent knowledge in a selected field of midwifery
  2. have taken the initiative in creating new knowledge and interpreting it through their own research, which stands up to the scrutiny and criticism of academics in the relevant field
  3. have contributed important innovations in the form of new knowledge or interpretation of existing knowledge
  4. demonstrate knowledge of ethics in science and have taken a considered position on their own research and the research of others, based on their own sense of morality.

Competence: On graduating, students shall be able to apply specialised methods and procedures within a specialist field of midwifery.

This means that students shall:

  1. be able to organise and implement extensive research which expands and/or redefines current methodology in the field
  2. be able to explore, develop and apply systematic methods for acquiring and analysing information in order to tackle new problems and challenges within midwifery
  3. have a ready knowledge of basic skills, methods and sources related to midwifery
  4. be able to specify specialised software for improving working methods
  5. be able to critically evaluate numerical and graphical information
  6. have applied innovative research or developed working methods that add to or expand current knowledge within the field of midwifery
  7. demonstrate originality in developing and applying new knowledge, understanding and methodology
  8. have adopted a critical stance on knowledge and be competent to teach midwifery at the university level
  9. have presented a thesis fit for publication in a peer-reviewed outlet, domestic or international.

Skills: On graduating, students shall be able to apply their knowledge and skills in employment and/or further studies.

This means that students shall:

  1. be able to take full responsibility for their own work and the work of others
  2. be meticulous and conscious of the limits of their own knowledge
  3. be able to demonstrate independence and initiative in academic and professional work
  4. be able to effectively explain their specialist field within midwifery to peers, other academics and the general public
  5. be able to participate in critical discussions, initiate and lead academic interactions.

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