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Learning Opportunity: Metsätalouden osaamisala

Metsätalouden osaamisala

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Metsätalouden koulutuksessa opiskelet metsänhoidon ja puunkorjuun perustöitä. Opit myös tuntemaan luontoa ja liikkumaan luonnossa. Opinnoissa perehdytään muun muassa ulkoilu- ja virkistysreittien rakentamiseen ja huoltamiseen, ympäristön- ja maisemanhoitoon, hirsi- ja perinnerakentamiseen sekä riistanhoitoon.

Opiskelu on työvaltaista ja se tapahtuu todellisissa työtilanteissa. Opiskelu metsäalalla vaatii kohtuullista fyysistä toimintakykyä ja halua selviytyä ulkotöissä erilaisissa sääoloissa.

Koulutus on tarkoitettu erityistä tukea tarvitseville henkilöille.

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3 vuotta


180 ECVET competence points

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Kiipulan ammattiopisto, Kiipulan toimipaikka
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03 6845 066
03 68521
PL 13, 14201, TURENKI
Kiipulantie 507, 14200, TURENKI

Qualifications Awarded

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Qualification Awarded:
Metsuri-metsäpalvelujen tuottaja
Qualification awarded description:

Those who have completed the qualification may work as forest workers/forest services providers, forest machine operators, forest machine mechanics and repairers and forest-based energy producers. The forestry sector aims at sustainable welfare based on diverse forests. Forests and the forest industry play an important role in Finland¿s economy and employment. Woods and forests also offer recreational opportunities and nature experiences and new types of work and jobs.

Those who have completed the Vocational Qualification in Forestry possess extensive vocational skills. They are able to read plans relating to forest management and timber harvesting. They take changing environmental legislation into account. They are familiar with the environmental effects of forest regeneration and felling methods.

Forest Workers/Forest Services Providers who have completed the Study Programme or Competence Area in Forestry know how to perform manual forest management and timber harvesting tasks or work relating to nature tourism, for example. Those specialising in forest management and timber harvesting know how to regenerate forests manually by seeding and planting. They know how to determine the thinning needs of seedling, young and middle-aged stands. They know how to clear, clean and thin the growing stock and measure growing and felled trees. Those specialising in provision of forest nature services may focus on nature and environmental construction, provision of forest-related tourism services or on multiple use of forests.

Forest Machine Operators who have completed the Study Programme or Competence Area in Forest Machine Operation may specialise in mechanised timber production, forest haulage of timber or timber transport by lorry. They command equipment, machinery and working methods relevant to their chosen specialisation area.

Forest Machine Mechanics who have completed the Study Programme or Competence Area in Forest Machine Installation know how to locate faults in machines and perform servicing and repairs to engines, power transmission, hydraulic and electrical systems. They know how to adjust the control, measuring and steering systems of harvesters and install programs on these systems.

Forest-based Energy Producers who have completed the Study Programme or Competence Area in Forest-based Energy Production know how to plan, harvest and store fuel wood or peat according to their specialisation. They know how to perform site maintenance tasks and prepare sites for subsequent use.

Course Locations

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Kiipulantie 507, 14200, TURENKI