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METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING (METALURŠKO INŽENјERSTVO) is a three-year PhD programme (180ECTS) of academic studies offered by the Technical Faculty in Bor.

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General competences which students acquire at this study programme comprise knowledge, skills, developed competences for independent scientific research work; presentation of their own results at scientific gatherings; publication of their research in scientific journals; participation in domestic and international projects; dealing with actual issues from metallurgical production, due to the acquired general and specific competences expressed through knowledge and understanding; development of new and innovative technologies; following the code of scientific practise with the aim of contributing to the development of science in general; understanding of important concepts in a wider range of engineering sciences (concepts of modelling, experimental, simulation and analytic analysis of complex issues, principles of projecting and organisation); correlation of basic knowledge in various fields and their application

The study programme is aiming at:

- enabling students as individuals to participate as an effective part of a team and to appreciate teamwork, realisation of scientific research and active participation in international and domestic research and development projects

- enabling students for innovative thinking and implementation of the latest scientific findings into actual production systems

- Continuous encouragement of ecological thinking and ethical engineering thinking

- defining of research issues, its elaboration, research and writing

- presenting the obtained results to a wide scientific audience, through publishing their research in the journals on the Sci list

Access requirements: 

Basic requirement to enroll at Doctoral studies is that the candidate has successfully completed a Master programme and obtained at least 300 ECTS.
Additional requirements, such as a minimum grade point average, number of papers published in scientific journals, etc. are determined by each institution and therefore should be checked at the institution’s website for each individual programme.


90000RSD / 2500EUR***



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University of Belgrade, Technical Faculty
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<p>Doctor of science &ndash; Metallurgical Engineering</p>