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Learning Opportunity: Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (E)

Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (E)

Course Information

This degree programme first and foremost imparts advanced methodological skills and problem resolution skills in the field of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology.
The master’s programme consists of subjects such as “Business start-up and administration”, “Business law”, “Drug law”, “Drug regulatory affairs”, “Medical devices and their regulation”, “Patent law and licensing”, “Pharmaceutical marketing”, “Biomedical technology: industry and markets”, “Biostatistics and trend analysis”, “IT Databases Programming”, “Quality management systems”, “Risk assessment”, “Project and portfolio management”, “Upstream processing and fermentation”, “Bioseparation and scale up techniques”, “Current issues in biotechnology”, “Recombinant protein production and modification”, “Fermentation technology”, “Equipment and production design”, “Standardization”, “Process control and process online monitoring”, “Sampling and quality control”, “Contamination control in production plants”, “Equipment test and process validation”, “Systems Biology”, “Development biology and new therapeutic strategies”, “Molecular therapeutic strategies”, “Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics”, “Bioinformatics”, “Drug discovery systems”, “Analytic methods in biomedicine”, “Immunology”, “Human Pathophysiology”, “Cancer / Aging”, “Tissue engineering”, “Artificial organs”, “Nanobiotechnology”, “Current issues in regenerative medicine”, “Bioethics“, and “Personality training – working in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams“. Moreover, students must complete an applied research and training semester. To complete the programme students have to write a master’s thesis. A semester abroad during the programme is possible.

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Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (E)
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4 Semester / 120 ECTS*


Studienbeitrag: EUR 363,36/Semester


4 Semester / 120 ECTS*

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IMC Fachhochschule Krems GmbH

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Master of Science in Engineering, MSc