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Learning Opportunity: Mathematics, Doctorate

Mathematics, Doctorate

Course Information


The PhD degree in mathematics is a three-year course of studies at the Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Iceland. The course is at least 180 ECTS and on completion the student is entitled to the degree of philosophiae doctor.

The main part of the course is a research project worth 180 ECTS under the direction of a supervisor. The student writes a thesis which testifies to a wide and thorough knowledge in a chosen field and contains new and important results.

Type of knowledge

Advanced knowledge, theoretical and practical, focusing in depth on the latest research advances in a specialised field.

Knowledge, ability and skills

On completion of his/her studies the student should be able to demonstrate knowledge, ability and skills as follows:

1 Knowledge and understanding
1.1 The student has a deep and thorough knowledge in a chosen specialised area of mathematics that is the subject of active research.
1.2 The student understands the place of his/her specialised subject within the body of mathematical knowledge and knows its connections with other specialised areas.

2 Theoretical skills
2.1 The student has full mastery over a chosen specialised area of mathematics.
2.2 The student can initiate the creation of new mathematical knowledge as he/she has demonstrated such by presenting new and important results in his/her thesis.
2.3 The student can conduct research independently in his/her specialised field.
2.4 The student can solve demanding theoretical problems in his/her specialised field.

3 Practical skills
3.1 The student can initiate new mathematical research projects.
3.2 The student can organise and conduct research in mathematics.

4 Communication skills
4.1 The student can collaborate with other scientists or mathematicians on research projects involving mathematics.
4.2 The student can write research papers in mathematics.
4.3 The student can write and teach mathematics courses at university level.
4.4 The student can write and deliver lectures exposing the latest research results in his/her specialised field.
4.5 The student can write grant applications.

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