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Learning Opportunity: Materials and Nanotechnologies

Materials and Nanotechnologies

Course Information

Objective(s) of a study program:
To prepare bachelors, who can choose optimal materials and their production technologies for solving various engineering or technological problems by using obtained knowledge in materials structure, physics, and chemistry. The studies are orientated to high technologies (micro-, nano-) and new materials or construction of the materials related to it.
Learning outcomes:
Knowledge and Its Application:
Have knowledge on basic phenomena of physics and chemistry and have ability to apply them to specific areas of materials science and nanotechnology;
Have knowledge on basic types of materials (polymers, ceramics, metals, and etc.), their properties, methods of formation, technologies, applications, development, and creation of new materials;
Have an awareness of modern physical and chemical analysis methods used in materials science and nanotechnologies;
Have knowledge of basic engineering principles of nonlinear and theoretical electrotechnics, electronic and technical mechanics;
Have knowledge in behavior of materials in different environment, electrochemistry and corrosion;
Have knowledge and basic understanding of law, philosophy, economic and management to achieve the goals of the profession in technological field;
Have knowledge on numerical methods, the problems of approximation, have ability to apply information technologies for solving materials science and nanotechnology tasks;
Have knowledge of high technologies basis and demonstrate understanding of their development tendencies;
For specialization Functional Materials: the knowledge and perception about nowadays surface engineering and micro- and nano- technology methods and instruments, used functional (optical, electrical, and magnetic) materials, micro- and nano- structures and devices, and their application are given.
For specialization Biomaterials: the knowledge and perception about nowadays biomaterials and their technologies, and instruments, human physiological systems, biomedical and ultrasound systems, and their application.
Research Skills:
Have ability to select and use proper technological methods for the modelling and analysis of the engineering problems.
Have ability to use the knowledge on problem solving and innovations, that are common to the process of new materials development and application of the technologies;
Have ability to evaluate measurement results mathematically, to analyze, to summarize them, to explain results of investigation, and to formulate the conclusions;
Have ability to estimate critically, analyze, interpret situations of the research, manufacturing and management, and to make suitable decisions;
Have ability to relate experimental results to the relevant theory.
For specialization Functional Materials: have abilities to apply analytical and digital methods for the structure of functional materials, the evaluation of their composition and properties, to choose or create functional materials with specific properties for various engineering needs.
For specialization Biomaterials: have abilities to apply analytical and digital methods for the biomaterials, the evaluation of their composition and properties, to choose or create biomaterials with specific properties for various engineering needs.
Subject–Specific Skills:
Have ability to master the nowadays engineering technologies and their physical basis: micro- and nanotechnologies and the search of new materials and structure;
Have ability to realize the methods of material analysis, to work with nowadays technological and analysis equipment, to analyze and interpret the results, to apply standard methods of research;
Have ability to use informational technologies and basic program equipment, to apply and use the digital computer methods for solving specific materials science and nanotechnology engineering problems;
Have ability to choose and apply the appropriate methods for solving the real properties;
Have ability to select or create the materia

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Minimum education - Secondary



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Kaunas University of Technology
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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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Qualification Awarded:
Bachelor of Materials Technology
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Kaunas University of Technology

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Provider phone number: +370-37-300000 Provider email: ktu@ktu.lt Provider URL: http://ktu.edu/

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K. Donelaičio g. 73, Kaunas