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Qualification: Master of Social Sciences Degree in Economics (LU)

Master of Social Sciences Degree in Economics (LU)

Qualification Information

- to study the basics of economic theory, corresponding to the second content level of the programme, which ensures understanding of development of the national economy and the selected sub-branch of economics and the ability to carry out independent research;
- to acquire courses, on the advanced level (not less than 56 credit points), in one of the following directions of economics - record-keeping, control and analysis of the business activity, accounting and audit, finances and credit, business economic, macroeconomics, economics of mathematics, statistics, demography;
- to carry out independent research in the selected branch of economics and present the result in a Master's thesis developed on the level matching the requirements for a scientific publication.

The aim of Master’s programme is to provide persons that have a Bachelor’s degree, with a chance to deepen their knowledge, evolve analytical and critical comprehension of the economic processes and develop professional, managerial and research skills, thus becoming highly qualified experts.

The main tasks for attaining this aim are as follows:
- provide students with deep theoretic knowledge of Economics and closely related sciences (including subfields thereof), enabling competitive and interdisciplinary approach for interpretation of the obtained results and enhancing development of economic and philosophical thinking;
- develop scientific research proficiencies of the students, thus enabling them to participate in the Latvian Council of Science and international research projects;
- create preconditions for the improvement of analytical proficiencies and acquiring of professional and communication skills in economics, thus enabling students to develop into creative personalities, successfully enter Latvian and international labour markets, both in the public and private structures;
- prepare graduates for studies in the doctoral programme.

Knowledge and comprehension:
- is able to improve and develop competences acquired during Bachelor’s study programme, showing deepened or broadened theoretic and practical knowledge in the context of the economics research;
- has a good knowledge of the scope of topical economic studies’ problems in the chosen field in Latvia and in the international research environment;
- displays deep knowledge of the chosen object of economic studies and can establish issues that need to be discussed,
- is able to assess interrelationships from interdisciplinary point of view and display creative approach to the solution of practical and theoretic issues;
- has a good knowledge of the analytical research methods;

Proficiencies and skills:
- is able to integrate in the applied and fundamental research working groups of the Latvian Council of Science or in the international scientific research programmes by performing specific tasks for attaining common goals, thus contributing to the development of new knowledge, development of methods for the studies of the economics’ sub-branches or the professional careers;
- is able to make independent decisions and find solutions in the situations of the variable economical development;
- is motivated for ongoing improvement of his/her competences by pursuing with professional or academic career; doing scientific research or taking up doctoral studies;
- displays deep skills and attitudes for performing independent research and professional tasks in any of the chosen field of Economics - Business, Finances and Accountancy, Analysis of economics (macroeconomics) and mathematical economics;
- along with the classical solutions competently employs nonstandard original creative approaches;
- respects scientific and work ethics code valid in the chosen field of the economics, bearing in mind how obtained results affect the environment and society.

Reference Data

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Awarding body: 

- University of Latvia

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67034301,67034700,67034600
Fakss: 67034513,67820113
E-pasts: lu@lu.lv

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Access requirements: 

Higher education qualification of LQF level 6 (academic or professional bachelor) in the same or compatible branch of science or professional field laid down by higher education Institution

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)