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Qualification: Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics

Master of Science in Nuclear Fusion and Engineering Physics

Qualification Information

1. Have advanced knowledge and understanding in the field of nuclear fusion and engineering physics.
2. Design and develop technological applications in the field of plasma physics and plasma-wall-interactions.
3. Elaborate, plan and execute, to a large extent independently, an engineering project at the level of a novice research professional on technological applications of fusion plasmas in fields like nuclear technology, materials engineering, magneto- hydrodynamics, radio frequency technology and plasma diagnostics.
4. Analyze the problems that arise during the process of generation and maintenance of fusion plasmas and transform them into scientific research questions.
5. Approach the complexity of nuclear fusion and derived technical problems creatively, using system and process models.
6. Have a basic understanding of entire life-cycles of fusion reactors including aspects of energy efficiency, environmental pressure, use of raw materials and labour costs.
7. Have a basic understanding of aspects of reliability and safety that are characteristic for fusion plasmas and radioactive environments.

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