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Qualification: Master of Science in Marketing Analysis

Master of Science in Marketing Analysis

Qualification Information

1. Developing advanced marketing decision models based on customer relationship management theories.
2. Independently and critically analysing business relevant issues using data mining and informatics.
3. Selecting and validating advanced analysis techniques to optimally model marketing problems.
4. Translating complex marketing problems into a scientific research question.
5. Applying a literature study in international, peer-reviewed journals to advanced marketing problems.
6. Mastering software as a means to create complex marketing decision models and being able to interact with tool specialists
7. Continuously expanding one’s own methodological competencies.
8. Integrating competing views into a single marketing solution.
9. Reporting the relevant results of own marketing research to scientific standards to peers and non-peers, both in writing and orally.
10. Producing professional reports on complex marketing issues and being able to communicate the results and recommendations to different levels in the organization.

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