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Qualification: Master of Chemistry

Master of Chemistry

Qualification Information

Functional competences: graduates will be able to: use laboratory equipment and maintain it; conduct synthesis/analysis with chemical compound; investigate chemical and physical properties of an object conduct research and experiments; perform measurements and calculations; record the measurements taken; interpret the laboratory research data; assess the laboratory research data; to be able to deal with chemicals safety. Cognitive competences: have expertise in principles of chemistry and its laws; use chemistry terminology, nomenclature and measurement units appropriately; apply knowledge about structural methods of material research; show expertise on essential facts, concepts, principles and theories; select and apply the methodology of the subject; apply the knowledge and experience obtained in solving practical (chemistry) problems; be familiar with the principles of chemical analysis; apply calculation and data input skills; be familiar with the technique and methodology of a chemical experiment; apply knowledge on labour safety; know the basics of other necessary subjects. General competences: graduates will be able to: apply the knowledge gained in practice; plan work; organizational skills; communicate in written and orally in native language; communicate in foreign languages; think systematically, analytically, and critically; expand professional competences; function in information centre; adjust to new situations; solve problems; take decisions; work in a team; work independently, be responsible; accurate; take on ethical responsibility; mathematical literacy; information technology skills; have information search skills; be exercise initiative; have business basics; to manage projects; dutifulness; work in multicultural environment; to lead teams.

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- Vilnius University - Vytautas Magnus University - Lithuanian University of Health Sciences - Kaunas University of Technology

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