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Qualification: Master’s Degree of Social Sciences in International Relations (RSU)

Master’s Degree of Social Sciences in International Relations (RSU)

Qualification Information

The aim of the programme is to prepare academically highly educated professionals in the field of international relations.
Upon successful completion of the programme graduates will have acquired;
- knowledge in the theory and practice of international politics allowing to view international relations in a broader context.

Graduates will have formed an understanding about;
- processes of international policy and methods for their analysis;
- policy-making processes within the EU, the place of Latvia and other Baltic States in political and social environment of the EU;
- ualitative and quantitative methods in social sciences.

Graduates will be able to;
- select, acquire and analyse specific theoretical literature and apply it to carry out independent research work and develop new, original ideas;
- apply theoretical knowledge and acquired methods to solve theoretical and/or practical problems;
- independently formulate and implement the research, as well to apply the results in practice;
- explain and discuss complex issues in international relations;
- creatively use theories and methods from the related scientific branches in the studies of international policy;
- make an assessment and analytical studies of the problems in international relations,
- as well as provide recommendations and consult, participate in the development of concepts and strategies concerning international policy issues in state, municipal and private entities;
- make decisions related to international relations and international communication.

Reference Data

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Awarding body: 

- Rīga Stradiņš University

Awarding body contact info: 

Tālr.: 67409230
Fakss: 67471815
E-pasts: RSU@rsu.lv

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Access requirements: 

Higher education qualification of LQF level 6 (academic or professional bachelor) in the same or compatible branch of science or professional field laid down by higher education Institution

Ways to acquire: 

Formal (through education programmes)