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Learning Opportunity: Marketing & Communication Management

Marketing & Communication Management

Course Information

The degree programme in Marketing & Communication Management covers business administration basics, communication and media theory, and specialist knowledge in marketing and communication management.
The bachelor's programme consists of the modules of “Communication” with subjects such as “Media Theory & Practice” or “Communication & Advertising Psychology”; “Marketing” with subjects such as “Strategic Marketing” or “Brand Management”; “Complementary Skills” with subjects such as “Presentation and Communication Techniques” or “Negotiation & Sales Training”; “Basic Skills” with subjects such as “Information Technology” or “Budgeting, Financing & Controlling”; and “Complementary Skills” with an internship. A study period abroad is compulsory. To complete the programme students have to complete two internships and write a bachelor's thesis. The programme includes a study period abroad (International Week).

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Marketing & Communication Management
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6 Semester / 180 ECTS*


Studienbeitrag: EUR 363,36/Semester


6 Semester / 180 ECTS*

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FH Kufstein Tirol Bildungs GmbH

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Bachelor of Arts in Business, BA